So, since my previous plans for the weekend (Greensboro, NC) were put on hold, I was pretty bummed on Friday night after getting off work. Carl was gone to Illinois for the weekend with the baseball team & it was just me & Lola at the apartment for a bit. I’m not big on being by myself so I had a handful of Wild Blueberry Fiber Crisps (think they are by Quaker?? They are amazing!) and caught up on my TV episodes I had recorded on my DVR throughout the week. Watched an episode of Project Runway  & let my brain relax for a bit after a busy day of work before packing to head east 45 mins to my parentals for the weekend.

Came home in time to catch Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution with my momma before crashing for the evening.


Since I was getting to bed early on Friday evening & did not get a work out in due to being tired, I decided to set my alarm to get up early on Saturday morning & go for a run. I felt great when I awoke Saturday morning(*totally unusual since I am really not a morning person) & got ready to head out for a run. My goal was to run for 30 minutes, non stop or 3 miles if I knew the distance I was going to run. I asked my mom the previous evening how long she thought it was to the end of our road from our house & she answered about 2 miles she thought–she & my dad had measured it back in the day when we had moved out here she said. However, when I made it to the end of the road in 13 minutes, I highly doubted my mothers measurements 😉 Since it was my first outdoor run in about 2 weeks, I do not think I am that fast of a runner LoL.

**NOTE: I do not own a digitial watch that could keep the time for my run & I wasn’t smart enough to make a playlist on my iPod for 30 mins, so I relied on my cell phone that I carried in my zip up jacket pocket. Ghetto, I know.

So I ran to the end of our road, past my parents house, to the first curve in the road that is a real doozy, & then back to my parents house for a total run time of 31 minutes!!  I was so excited! I never felt tired or cramped up or felt like I had to stop! I simply stopped because I had reached (& exceeded by 1 min!) my goal!!  I felt amazing after running that without stopping. Made me confident in my completion of my upcoming 5K later this month!

I was so elated after reaching my goal that I went up to Dick’s Sporting Goods to invest in a watch that is able to track not only my time, but distance ran. I was a bit intimidated by the cost of some of the items, but knew it would be an investment to keep me on track.

This is what I ended up buying:

It is a MIO! Stride the salesman said it was the only one that offered a pedometer that was under $200! I said sold!! 🙂  He went to retrieve one for me & came to find out the one on display was the only one they had left. I was a bit weary about purchasing something that has been on display for everyone to handle & mess with, but the guy offered it to me 10% off & if anything was wrong with it, I could bring it back. I told him to let me think about it (bc it was priced at $80.00) & I would get back to him.

While I thought about whether or not to purchase the watch–it was what I had come up there for!–I browsed the women’s running clothing section. They were having a sale on women’s Nike running shorts, so of course I had to browse. When I found a few colors that I loved, I had to have them. I mean, they were on sale for $19.98 (originally $28) so I can’t pass up a sale, right?

On my way to the checkout, I spotted the salesman who had helped with my watch earlier & told him I would take the display watch at 10% off. I checked out with my bargain buys & cracked into my new watch as soon as I got into the car with my mom. Good thing she was driving because I was busy flipping through the instruction manual setting & learning all the gadgets my new watch could do! Took me about 10 mins to get it all set up & figured out & I wore it the rest of the evening**nerd alert!**

my MIO!

After leaving Dick’s, my mom & I stopped by my grandma’s house to visit for a bit & because she had some goodies for me! She had bought me this really cool dress that is wearable 8 different ways! It’s hard to explain, so I will post pics later, but it is probably the coolest thing I have ever seen. So versatile.

When we were leaving my Nan’s, I couldn’t help but take pics of her beautiful tulips outside in her yard. Enjoy!


To wrap up, Mom & then ate at Applebee’s for dinner. We each ordered a salad off the under 550 calories new menu. I know I suck at not taking pics of my food, but grabbing for my camera when food is placed in front of me is not my brain’s first reaction–reaching for the fork is 🙂  The salads were delish & I then came home to go out with an old buddy to a bar for a glass of wine & catching up.  Great weekend.

Now, off to wash my car while this beautfiul weather lasts!!


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