Hump day

So it’s a pretty typical hump day. Same routine everyday pretty much. Had oatmeal for breakfast with table spoon of brown sugar, chopped pecans, & craisins. So delish. Yesterday I tried subways new breakfast muffins & they ares surprisingly very yummy! I had the black forest ham, American cheese, & egg whites topped with some tomatoes-all for just 160 calories! Can’t get better than that!?!
Anyways, just too keep updated; I was so excited about completing my first 5K last Saturday, I am registered for another one next sat may 8 benefitting animal rescue! So pumped!!
Here’s my lunch!

2 handfuls spinach, 5 baby carrots (shaved), & 4 tbsp tostitos mild salsa
And for a snack

15 Quaker Blueberry Fiber Crisps–very tasty!
For workout tonight I plan on running 3 miles & then upper body exercises. Not sure about dinner yet tho…hmm…


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