I suck…

So I seemed to have abandoned my blog for the past three months or so. I’m terrible. But the good news is that I have been absent due to running so much! I have participated in two more 5K races since my last post. I even got my younger brother (who does ZERO physical activity) to at least walk with his dog, Bear, in a 5K with me!

Bear, Bro, & Me

I finished this run in 28:55. Almost 2 minute improvement from my first 5K!

Near the end of June, I met up with my sister in Greenville, SC for the annual Candlelight 5K http://www.candlelightrun.com/

Little nervous…30 mins to start

This is a race that starts at 9 PM (after dark) & both sides of the road is lined with illuminaries AKA-tealights in white paper bags. This is a run that we had talked about doing for about 2 years now & we finally did it! It was really fun & by far the biggest race I have competed in so far. Over 2,000 people! It was a bit intimidating & seemed to be much longer than the previous 5K races I have ran. Definately something I hope to participate in again & definately reccomend to fellow runners looking for a different kind of road race. I finished in 32:48. Like I said, it felt a little longer that the previous 5K’s I had ran LoL.


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