Back to school

This week was the start of the fall semester for the college here in town that I attend graduate school. It has been madness!! I work at an embroidery store downtown where we make a lot of Greek shirts & stuff, so needless to say, working everyday this week 9-6 has about killed me.
I have been so exhausted that I haven’t ran at all thus far this week! Rather funny considering I have a 5K this upcoming Saturday. I haven’t even made it to the gym for weekly weight training :(. Maybe my energy is so low because of my lack of physical activity. New work schedule will require some getting used to. Perhaps even running in the early mornings before work-but I am so not a morning person….we will see though.
I started the week off right with a trip to the campus Starbucks. That was a decent way to start off my week. Plus the Barista that works there looks just like Snookie from jersey shore. I mean, dead on! Makes my day.
My 5K this Saturday is called the 5K for Sight. Obviously it’s a run to benefit the blind. I wanted to participate in this race in particular after reading a book about a man who is very athletic & active loses his sight from a mountain climbing fall. The book, titled “Together” chronicles his struggles adjusting to blindness & the strength he finds through a seeing eye dog companion. Really good book. I just came across it one day at the dollar store & since it had a beautiful chocolate lab on the cover, it caught my attention. Highly recommended read.
Well I’m off to finish the week of working. I’ll be sure to post my results of my run!


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