How is today already the last day of august? Where did the summer go?!? Grr. Guess I worked mine away 😦
Anywho-onto the title of this post. I have been feeling rather fat lately. I know that is such a cliche thing to say but I have been going a little wild with my eating the past few weeks. Even tho the scale tells me I have only gained 3 pounds, I feel like it’s 30. I have been running (not as often) & have pretty much abandoned on the gym/weight training. Boy has it showed. I bought a new dress this past Saturday for a wedding I’m attending this Friday. I just grabbed it off the rack in the size (I thought) would fit me. I get home & try it on & cannot even button it. But the buttons are the ones around my boobs. Waist, hips & thighs it fit fine, but apparently I gain weight in my tits first. Still sucks. It’s still weight gained & it still makes trying to find clothes in the correct size a challenge. Never thought I would wish away my chest, but I have my moments. Frustrating.
I didn’t end up running my 5k this past Saturday bc Thursday morning I awoke to the most excruciating pain I have ever felt in my right calf muscle!! A Charlie horse!!! I found it a bit odd that the first week in moths that I hadn’t been for a run, I get a the worst cramp of my life lol. My body has a cruel sense of humor.
So I couldn’t take the immobility stage I had fallen into any longer. Saturday night (after I had stuffed my face with Jim’s spaghetti) I had the urge to run. Cramped calf or not, I needed to sweat. I ran about 2.5 miles & stretched out the knot in my calf & was back to normal Sunday morning! I am determined to get myself back in a regular workout routine & watch my diet/count calories again. I resisted glazed donuts, chocolate chip cookies, and cupcakes at work-& it’s only Tuesday!** A girl at work is getting married in October & she had a wedding shower thus past Saturday lol.
Did some abs & got a short run in tonight before dinner with some family. I ate well & no dessert! I can do this!! Keeping my head up!
**Ever hit a bump in the diet/fitness road & been frustrated? What did you do to get back on your feet??


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