Just a Quickie

This is just going to be a quick update because I am tired but want to stick to my goal of updating more!

I did well to remember to grab my phone to snap a pic of my breakfast this morn.

Just a little Activia Light Vanilla yogurt with Life cereal on top with a toasted english muffin with crunchy peanut butter. Not too shabby.

For lunch I had some roast beef from arbys (minus the buns), a handful of strawberries & a diet mountain dew.

Dinner consisted of turkey burgers (with green pepper minced within), corn on the cob, & sauteed zuchinni & squash**my fav!  No dessert of course. I have been doing well this week nixing dessert.  I used to HAVE to have it after dinner 🙂

Oh my gosh, why is there never enough time in the day anymore?!? I have so much to do & not enough time to complete it in.  Here’s my list of things to do:

  • Finish laundry
  • Finish HW (one assignment due tomorrow by midnight, the others by Sunday
  • Do my nails
  • Iron laundry
  • Pack for wedding on Friday

Sheesh! And this is after I have done ONE load of laundry, cooked dinner, cleaned up the kitchen/dishes, paid bills, balanced my checkbook, changed the sheets on my bed, & wrapped both presents for the wedding I am attending Friday. I am spent!! Didn’t even have time to squeeze a workout in–which bothers me to no end!

**Ever been frustrated with time management problems?? HELP!!

P.S.>>I have found another 5K to run this Memorial Day!!!! Yippee!!


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