Growing Up

So after about a year of absense, I have returned!  It just became a bit much to juggle full time work, school, fitness, and LIFE!! Time for a major update:

* I have finished graduate school and received my Master’s in Counseling.  I did my practicum in a middle school guidance office with a wonderful mentor whom I will never forget or be able to thank enough for the numerous learning opportunites she bestowed unto me.


*  Following graduation, I took solice to the Carolinas for the summer.  Carl was coaching a summer leage baseball team so I decided to become a perma-vacationer with my family at their home about 3 hours south of where he was.  Before becoming a SUPER lazy bum this past summer, my sister, a friend of ours and I participated in our 2nd annual Candlelight Run in Greensboro, NC.  It’s really neat because the 5K takes place at night and the entire course is lit with luminaries.  Pretty cool, right?

Candlelight 5K


Summer Lovin’

*  Nearing the end of July, Carl found out he had been offered a coaching position with a baseball team at a university in Alabama.  Of course he accepted, so the fun of moving 700+ miles began!  Traveling west from the Carolinas this is what we passed at about 6:30 in the morning 🙂  FYI: we only got about 3 1/2 hours of sleep the night before getting up at 4:30 AM to drive 9 hours, so seeing this only 2 hours into the drive DEFINITELY made us question our sanity.


*  We found a house & signed the lease–all within a span of about 3 hours.  After returning to KY, there were MULTIPLE headaches (the first of many to come) with the move, but luckily my dad was able to help us out–more than I think he will ever realize because once we arrived in AL (after 12 hour drive), we were made aware of mine and Carl’s unawareness to “house knowledge.”  My dad is such a handyman (seriously, think of a mixture of Tim Allen on “Tool Time” and Bob Vila) so it was typical of him to not only IMMEDIATELY recognize all the things throughout the house that were not up to par, but also being a typical dad and recognizing safety issues throughout the home (i.e. window locks, door locks, outlets, smoke alarms, etc.)–things that I SHOULD HAVE paid attention to, but was completely oblivious to after driving 9 hours on 3 1/2 hours of sleep and also previously being a renter of newly built/remodeled apartments.

Thankfully, my dad (my hero!) was able to stay with us for a few days after unpacking and fixing the things throughout the house that needed updated.  He even shelled out to help us put in a security system (another thing that never crossed my mind).  It was a HUGE learning experience which I am actually grateful for–even though it probably cut about 2 years (&10 lbs)  off my life due to stress, but like everything else that gets thrown my way, I survived. 

  At a time when I felt like I had failed and completely screwed up, my family stood by my side and saw me through.  You are always told that your family will always be there to help and no matter what struggles you go through, they will go out of there way to be there for you…but you never truly understand that and appreciate that comfort until you absolutely need it and there they are–by your side, helping you through-every step of the way.  It seemed like a complete mess at the time, but it’s a time I will never forget or regret because it gave my dad and I some “bonding time” that I will always cherish.  Not only for me and my dad, but for me, my dad, and Carl.  After six years together with Carl, you would think there would be plenty of that by now, but with the schedules that my dad and Carl keep and going away to school and multiple moves, there really wasn’t.  I think that’s one aspect why I love Carl so much–his work ethic–it’s a lot like my dad’s.  I know it’s creepy to compare my boyfriend to my dad (like the old comparison, “women end up with a man like their father”) but it’s true.  My dad instilled in me that it takes hard work to survive and support a family and if you want to acheive goals, you have to work hard to reach them.  From that work ethic, I think I also learned from him that hard work pays off and you have to truly appreciate your down time.  That family is what is important and we should love and appreciate one another–even though we don’t always feel that way! **On another note, just to prove that I am not in love with someone exactly like my father, Carl knows NOTHING about being handy around the house or able to fix anything and completely clueless about cars and vehicles (my dad is the car guy in our family that we call on when a light comes on or something isn’t right).  Carl’s handiness doesn’t go far beyond yielding a hammer and nail and a screwdriver 🙂 But we are learning!

Anyways, after that deep rant about my appreciation for my dad and family, things have eventually began to fall into place down here in AL.  Carl is working his butt off on his job–works everyday from about 5AM till 6 or later at night–don’t know how he does it (work ethic!).  And after about a month and a half of painting this entire house, unpacking/decorating and job hunting, I have landed a job in the Career Services department at the same university Carl coaches at.  Finally, I will have a “big girl” job.  Seems weird because I sometimes still feel like I’m 17 and surrounded by adults that I have nothing in common with, but I guess I have to grow up sometime…just not ready to yet!  My mom and dad are coming down for a visit this weekend, and I am so excited!! The little kid inside me coming out again!  I haven’t seen my mom since the beginning of August and my dad just a few weeks after that.  Only two months, I know, but I was accustomed to seeing them probably every weekend when I going to grad school only 45 minutes away from home!

To sum this post up, I am so happy to be back to writing (as you can tell from this forever long post) and hope to continue this blog as my outlet of thoughts and struggles.  It started as a place to keep up with my progress of transforming to a healthier lifestlye, and has now transformed into my lifestyle changes and progress as I live my life, one day at a time…at my own pace.



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