Working Girl

Today was my first experience on campus at my new job.  Since I am an out of state new applicant, my paperwork has not been completed yet–however, my new staff members invited me to attend the campus career fair to meet further staff and be introduced to students as the new career counselor on campus.  It was actually kind of fun to be on a campus again involved with student activities!  Everybody was so nice and very helpful and seemed accepting of me.  There is another career fair tomorrow morning for education majors, so I have been invited to attend and help work that one as well.  They do not know of an official start date for me yet because of my paperwork process taking so long, but because my parents are visiting me this weekend, I am kind of relieved.  I want to be able to spend time with them while they are here and enjoy our short time together.  Next week, I will be ready for sure to get to work!

I have yet to get into a steady fitness routine since the move here.  Been busy getting unpacked and settled in–painting has been my main form of exercise for the past month!  I tried to go for a run last Friday, and while it was enjoyable to push myself again, I needed pushing in a shorter amount of time than I had built up to three months ago! Frustrating, but gives me even more drive to get back to where I was, distance and endurance wise.  Once I get into the groove of my new job, I’m sure I will be able to manage some time everyday for running/fitness.

Well, it’s gonna be a short post for today–this morning wore me out and I need to get to thinking of what to do for dinner tonight for me & Carl–we are on the last leg of our groceries–trying to hold out for Mom & Dad to treat us to our next trip! 🙂  They still do that after you graduate college, right? LoL


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