Keepin’ Busy

Well, today was the Education Fair on campus today for education majors.  It was much shorter than yesterday and much less hectic–which was nice.  I basically just sat at a table and helped students sign in and hand them their needed paperwork.  Pretty basic of a work day, but good nonetheless.  Felt good to wake up early (even though I hit snooze twice) and head to a place of work.  I am so ready to get into a routine again! Here’s a pic of my uber-profesh threads

Work it!

Another plus was that we wrapped things up at the education fair about 30 mins early, so I was able to grab lunch with Carl at one of his faves–Zaxby’s (ugh).  I don’t love Zaxby’s but Carl is a major wing-man, so I figured I would suck it up since I was lucky enough to be able to eat lunch together.  I resisted my urge for fried chicken tenders and french fries & stuck with a grilled chicken zalad with light vinagrette=my fave!  Wasn’t too bad, and I couldn’t finish the whole thing because it filled me up!  After we wrapped up lunch together, I dropped Carl back off at his office and I hurried home to my little girl, Lola! *Yes, my dog IS my child…

Today is my dad’s birthday!  I have his present ready to give to him tomorrow when he and my mom make their visit for the weekend.  However, I was offered to mediate a teacher certification exam by one of my fellow employees on campus this Saturday morning from 7:30-11:30.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted to (since it was last minute and optional) since my parents will be here, but I figured since it’s so early then I will be done early enough to still spend plenty of time with them–plus, it pays $100 🙂

Guess that’s it for today…gotta figure out what to throw together for dinner tonight while Carl & I watch some awesome television programming:

**my fav**

And, my other faves that I will be watching tomorrow on Hulu by myself:

Like I said, Thursday night T.V. rocks


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