So my mom & dad came down to visit for the weekend Friday evening.  It was so good to see them again!  It was the first time my mom had seen mine & Carl’s new home we are making down here in AL.  So of course, first thing on the agenda was to give her the tour.  She seemed really pleased with all the hard work I have put into this house and it was fun to show her 🙂 My dad was also impressed with the makeover I have done on this place, since he got to see it in it’s before phase.  Since they didn’t get here till early evening, we went to grab some BBQ takeout from this delish little BBQ place in town.  Brought it back to the house and enjoyed dinner together as a family in our kitchen 🙂  It was fun to sit at the dinner table and catch up-like old times.  Mom & Dad stayed for a couple hours after eating but then headed off to their hotel for the evening.  They had a long drive that morning and I had to get up early Saturday morning to go to campus and proctor a test (something like the GRE for college kids who are becoming teachers.)  It was pretty easy–just read directions and keep the time–not a bad gig for $100 before noon on a Saturday 🙂

Once I was done with that, I met up with my mom & dad to grab some lunch.  We ate at this sandwich place called Firehouse Subs.  There used to be one in Myrtle Beach right by where our vacay home is, but it went out a couple of years ago, so Mom was excited to eat there again.  It was rather tasty.  After lunch, we were on a mission to find some patio furniture for me & Carl, but we had no luck.  Everywhere was sold out so I guess we will have to wait until spring to splurge 😦  Mom & Dad then took me to good ol’ Wal-Mart to grab some groceries and keep me stocked up for awhile.  Parents are always so good for that!  This took up most of the rest of our day, but it was fun shopping with them and just getting to spend time with them.

After getting back to the house and putting all the groceries away, we all rested for a bit watching T.V. before heading over to the baseball stadium for Carl to give us the tour of where he works.  It was actually really fun!  I had been over there before and seen a little bit of where he works, but he pulled out all the stops for Mom & Dad 😉  They seemed to really enjoy it too which was fun to watch.  Carl is really happy where he is and what he’s doing with this team, so it definitely showed when he was talking about it.

Next, we headed to dinner to this seafood place that was recommended to us by practically everyone in town.  The place is called Half Shell and specializes in oysters (obviously) but none of us are oyster people.  However, Carl was the only brave one in our crew to try a dozen-they were baked and covered in parmesean cheese, so I’m guessing that made them A LOT more edible.  I ordered grilled Mahi Mahi with steamed veggies and a salad–SOOOOO YUMMY!!!!  It’s hard to screw up mahi, so I’m easily pleased whenever I eat it.

To wrap up the evening, I wanted to take my mom especially to this local yogurt bar called 32 Degrees.  This place is amazing!  They have about a dozen different frozen yogurt flavors “on tap” that you can choose from.  Once you fill your cup with your desired yogurt flavor, they have a bar of practically everything under the sun for toppings!! My favorite part is all the fruit! I get rainbow sprinkles, a few Nilla Wafers, pineapples, strawberries, kiwi, cherries, and a dollop of whipped cream–HEAVEN!  Mom was in love with it as much as I was!  I was glad it was a hit because we LOVE yogurt!

We didn’t last much longer once we all got back to the house with our bellies full.  We did a bit of channel surfing while chatting, but everyone’s eyelids were getting heavy.  So we said our goodbyes and mom & dad headed to the hotel.  We met  up for breakfast this morning around 8:30 at another local diner next door to the hotel where they were staying.  It was pretty good food-I only had scrambled eggs, 2 pieces of bacon, and some cheesey grits.  Then we had to say our goodbyes.  Weekends that we want to last long never do, but it was good to see them and get the visit than not at all.  Now I am looking forward to Thanksgiving break when we will be heading home to see them again.

Still no start date on the new job as of this evening.  I’m kind of okay with that because I have a hair appointment already scheduled for Tuesday at 11:30 🙂  Guess I will just try to keep busy tomorrow here around the house.  Nothing really planned-maybe go for a run or do some yoga-definitely time for some physical activity I suppose.


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