Down Time

So ever since my parents left on Sunday, the weather has been awful here.  Just overcast all day and constant rain sprinkling-just get ya’ down kind of weather all around.  And since I have yet to hear from my place of employment with a start date, Lola & I have just been holding down the fort for four days straight.

Monday was nice since my parents had just left the day before, I must admit I rather missed them.  The weather definitely matched my mood and since I had nowhere to be or no plans, it was nice to just lounge around all day and wallow in my sorrow with Lola to curl up next to me.   Seriously- I did NOTHING all day and stayed in my pajamas 🙂

Tuesday I went to get my hair trimmed.  Nothing fancy, didn’t even wash and style me-just dry cut the dead ends.  I hit up a local coffee shop after my appointment to get my caffeine fix and it was surprisingly awesome!  Just got a skinny vanilla latte (only after I ordered did I see that they had a Pumpkin Spice Latte on the menu!).  Oh well.  I was pleased with that I ordered.  I wasn’t quite ready to head home yet, so I stopped at Walgreens to pick up some more face wash and browse because, let’s face it-you can’t just go into Walgreens and NOT shop!  Sunday night on MTV they were showing the first ‘Scream’ movie, and I have to admit I watched it.  I love Halloween and it was so fun to watch an “old” scary movie from my youth.  So that had me in the mood to watch more scary movies–I hit up the Redbox at Walgreens and picked up the newest installment of the ‘Scream’ series, ‘Scream 4.’  I mean, I have seen the previous three, so why not?!  Honestly, it wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t anything to rave about.  Just made me feel old because the first one came out SO long ago.  And that was the extent of my Tuesday…

Yesterday was yet another gloomy day here, so it was the same routine:  morning T.V. shows, breakfast, afternoon T.V. shows, lunch, caught up on some Hulu T.V. episodes, read for a little bit, and I was so un-active yesterday, I wasn’t ever really hungry for dinner so I had a glass of orange, pineapple, banana juice and Carl threw together a salad with pulled pork (leftovers from when mom & dad were here).

Today started out as pretty, but thirty minutes ago a HUGE thunderstorm just blew through so it’s back to looking gloomy out 😦  At least I am being productive today and doing laundry! LoL

However, there are plans for this weekend:  Carl doesn’t have to work on Saturday, so we are planning on attending an amusement park in the next state over to attend their Fright Fest on Saturday.  My sister is the one who informed us of this event, so she is meeting us there tomorrow night to go with us.  Should be fun.  It’s a regular amusement park during the week, but every weekend in October, they turn it into a Halloween wonderland.  All the rides turned to Halloween themed attractions and plenty of zombies and scary stuff going on throughout the park all night.  Sounds like fun, right?  I’m excited!  Halloween is my second fave holiday.

So nothing exciting to post, but I’m postin’!  I’ll be sure to take pics and have an update by Sunday, because I’m sure I won’t while out of town this weekend 😉


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