So it’s been a week, and I need to catch up….

1) My sis & I had an awesome time at Six Flags last weekend.  It was fun to ride roller coasters and feel like a kid again–even though my back reminded me I am not. 🙂

2) I STARTED MY JOB MONDAY!!!!  I have been meaning to post this since last Friday when I got the phone call, but I have been non-stop since then.  I am LOVING work! I get to work with college students and help them through such a transitional time of figuring out themselves and life in general.  Makes me feel like I am accomplishing something by helping kids & meaning it when I tell them, “I know how you feel.”

3) This weekend is homecoming weekend back at my Alma Mater! It’s about 5 1/2-6 hour drive north to KY, but not too bad.  I am all packed (with a short list of things I forgot that I have to stop by the house on my way out of town) and am leaving after work today.  I miss my old friends so much, so it will be fun to hang out and catch up with them throughout the weekend’s festivities.  *Funny, I work at a university and I am driving 6 hours to another one to be a college student for the weekend. 🙂

That’s all I have time for right now, but HOPEFULLY post a recap of the weekend when I return! Ta-ta for now…


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