Time Management

I have gotten off track (yet again) with my posting.  However, now that I am in the routine of things at work I am determined to make time to update regularly daily.

So, to update on my activities since my last post:

– The weekend trip to celebrate homecoming 2011 with my old college crew was a success!  It was so fun to see the handful of friends who made the trip and catch up together.  Made me really miss how much fun we had shared throughout our college journey and how worry/stress/care-free we really were back then.  I seriously would go to class, come home & nap, then get up to do homework before heading out to get into something that I’m sure involved large amounts of alcohol consumption.  🙂  Speaking of which, I miss my naps….

Me & the Girls

Me & Carl’s Roomate from College

Wagon full of beer

-Any who, moving off of my “college reminicsent rant”….This past Friday, October 28th, was my baby’s (fur baby) 6th birthday!!  That’s right folks, if you hadn’t guessed already I am one of those crazy ladies who treats her dog like her child…mainly because she IS.

Bed Head

Let’s face it, she’s cuter than any child, potty trained, never complains when dinner is served, and she doesn’t talk back (I know, best parent of the year right here).

So, to celebrate her day of birth I decided to bake her some pumpkin and peanut butter doggy treats!  It was a super easy recipe to follow (after I googled the safety of each ingredient) and if I can bake them without burning the house down, believe me, anybody can.

First batch done & rest to bake

Lola seemed to really enjoy them (once they cooled off) and is still getting a tasty treat every night before bed.  The recipe made about 3 dozen or so, so I am giving them away to friends and co-workers in goody-doggie bags!  Thinking these will make a great Christmas gift as well….

– My office at work decided to dress up on Monday for Halloween.  Since I am poor (and lazy), this is what I came up with.

We Can Do It!

Rosie the Riveter!  Yeh, I basically just wanted to wear jeans to work and be comfortable, so I threw on a bandana & denim button-up and voila!!

– To sum things up, this week has definitely kicked my butt.  Work has been constantly busy, so I am so ready for the weekend.  No plans, but the boyfriend has some time off on Saturday so we might get out and into something.  Who knows.

**Today’s coffee mug: my sister gave me this mug for my birthday this past summer, so when I filled it with hot Starbucks X-bold roast this morning, it made me think of drinking iced coffee out of it all summer while floating in the pool at my parents beach house…which then made me miss my tan 😦

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