Super Saturday

I love how I write a post about vowing to post daily, and then don’t post the next day…typical me, huh?

Well anyways, Friday at work was a good end to the week. The flow of students dropping in was almost at a standstill-I only met with 3! The rest of my time was put into decorating out office door for homecoming next weekend. Picture this: a 24 year old working professional at a university cutting out shapes & letters on construction paper, glue, and GLITTER!! So much glitter…it was a definite throwback phase awakening my inner 3rd grader. I wasnt really into the whole door decorating at first, but once I got designated to design & create a Volkswagen beetle (our theme is the “love bug”) out of construction paper, I was determined! I left what I had glittered to dry over the weekend before decorating the door, so I will post pics on Monday when it’s done.
After 5 o’clock (finally) rolled around, I was on a mission to find a nail salon to get a pedicure! I had decided this after Monday’s crazy registration rush. I wasn’t on my feet all day (behind a desk) but I told myself I deserved it after being hired and receiving my first paycheck–plus my pigs were looking pretttttttyy rough. I called one popular salon in town, but they were packed. So I googled for another salon, called to check occupancy and price & was told (by an adorable female Asian voice) that they could take me right now! Nail City it was! I was in heaven for the half hour pedi & half way through it, the lady asked me, “You want manicure?”  I accepted…she was quite the sales woman.


Cajun Shrimp-my fave!

For the mani, I went the new UV Gel manicure.  Just like in a regular manicure, cuticles are pushed back and nails are filed. Nails are also buffed, so the gel adheres more strongly. Next a coat of gel “polish” is applied to each nail, with 30 seconds of drying time under a UV Light in between. A second coat is applied and then allowed to dry again for 30 seconds.  Due to this process, the mani is promised to last 2-4 weeks, chip-free.  I’m a total skeptic, so I accepted the challenge–especially when it costs no more than a regular mani!?!

UV Gel Mani

I know it doesn’t look like I have any polish on, but I decided to go with a neutral color in case it did chip & if it would be hard to take off with regular nail polish remover. But I must admit, this mani delivers what it promises! Today I have done dishes, cleaned the kitchen, 3 loads of laundry, swapped out my summer shoes in my closet for winter ones, AND showered. Usually H2O is kryptonite for polish on my nails (not to mention all the chores I’ve done today) but not a single ship to report! Plus, my nails feel so strong & thick. I tend to suffer from peeling nails pretty bad so therefore, they are quite thin and brittle. But this UV gel is pretty rockin awesome! Highly recommend!
So that about sums up my day. Been a productive day here at home. I’m off to catch up on some Hulu shows since the boyfriend is tuning the TV into the LSU/Bama game as I type…


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