Mellow Monday

I know how most of us dread Mondays (I am typical of this), but today was not too bad.  I still hit the snooze button this morning twice this morning, but after the shower helped wake me up, it was smooth sailing from there.

I didn’t have to rush to get ready and out the door-took my time and enjoyed some coffee while watching The Today Show.  Apparently The Today Show forgot to set their clocks back for daylight savings because when I tuned in thinking I had an hour until work, The Today Show tab at the bottom of screen that displays time and temperature said 9:03 AM (which for me in central time would mean it was 8:03 AM).  I had a mild panic attack thinking I had screwed up and set my clock wrong yesterday and was currently late to work.  But then I thought back to yesterday and how I was on time for church and my television show lineup for Sunday night (The Walking Dead!) was also on track, so I knew it wasn’t my mistake but that of The Today Show. <Shew. Crisis averted.>

The morning at work went by quickly–even though I only met with 3 students 🙂  So I had some free time to take a pic of my office and our door decorated for Homecoming this weekend.

My Office-Diplomas Hung!

Decorated Door

It’s a beautiful day here today-only PARTLY cloudy and a comfortable 72 degrees with warm sunshine.  I was able to enjoy it for a bit at lunch when Carl and I headed home together for some Tyson chicken nuggets (and Lola lovin!).  I really like that I now have a job that allows me to take an hour lunch and at my convenience.

I guess that’s pretty much it for today. I am just finishing up things here at work and then it’s home for dinner (no clue what that will be) and television with my loves.  I know I should be writing about how I will exercise after work to keep fit, but I know I won’t.  I have kind of gotten out of running and fitness–even though I somehow have managed to lose 10 lbs and all my pants hang off of me–so I’m not really concerned with “getting into shape” since the main goal of that was usually to lose weight.  I’m sure I’ll get back into it eventually-I am contemplating running a Thanksgiving 5K that I ran last year back home.  We’ll see….

‘Love Bug’


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