Brainfarts & Brownies

I am having slight difficulties adjusting to the daylight savings time change still.  I continue to wake up at least 30 minutes before my alarm goes off each morning–however, this allows me to have plenty of time to get ready and get to work on time without rushing (was a whole 8 minutes early this morning!).  Even with the extra time this morning, I somehow managed to pour my coffee into my travel mug….and manage to walk right out the door without it.  Yeah, total brainfart.  In my defense, it wasn’t as if I simply poured it, turned around and left–I poured it, grabbed a paper towel from the counter to pick up my “little gift” Lola had left me in the corner of the kitchen (one of her fave poop spots), and therefore had to walk down the hall to flush the brown present.  Then, I simply grabbed my purse from the kitchen table, turned on the alarm and was on my way.  Didn’t even realize I had left it until I was parked at work and grabbed for my purse.  My hand went instinctively to my cupholder and then it hit me that it was missing. DUH!

Oh well.  I wasn’t completely un-caffeinated this morning (that would have been a nightmare); I had a small cup while doing my makeup and watching The Today Show evnvying Matt Lauer’s job–seriously, how awesome is it that he has a week long segment that sends him all over the world?!? ‘Where in the World is Sarah Meade’ has a nice ring to it….just sayin.

Due to the 1 cup-of-coffee-short this morning, after Carl & I had Moe’s for lunch on campus, we strolled on over the campus Starbucks for a little pick me up to get us through the rest of the afternoon.  Nothing like a tall skinny vanilla latte to make up for my brainfart.

The rest of my work day went well, just meeting with students and working on career counselor stuff 🙂  Found out that I am able to take off the Tuesday of Thanksgiving week so I can have an extra day for traveling.  10 hours is a looooong time for Carl & I to be stuck in a confined space together, so it’s best we have an extra day to spend with our families to recoop and get prepared for the drive back together. Ugh.

On a lighter note involving me & Carl–this year for Christmas, we have decided instead of giving gifts to one another, we would like to take a trip together somewhere.  Since we are on a budget and time is limited, we agreed on (drum roll please…..) New Orleans!  It’s only about a 5 hour drive from here so we won’t have to splurge on airfare and we are going on a weekend sometime in December before we head home to KY to spend Christmas and New Year’s with the fam.  I am excited to not only experience the culture and sights of NOLA, but to see the city decorated for Christmas!! My research informs me that they do it up pretty big, and Christmas IS my favorite holiday so I will definitely be as giddy as 5 year old taking in all the decorations and lights! 🙂

To sum up, tomorrow everyone in the office is bringing in some snacks to celebrate for homecoming and the door decorating judging–wish us luck!  I got voted to bring “the sweets”, so I made a quick pit stop at the Wallace (Wal-Mart) to pick up some brownies from the bakery.  But I’m not completely useless and lazy–I also grabbed some decorating icing and red sprinkles to decorate the brownies with little T’s for Troy.

I’m no Martha Stewart, ok?

Throw them into a cake pan with lid, and voila; people think you can bake.

Looks homemade, right?

That’s about it for my Tuesday.  Not really hungry for dinner yet, so who knows what I’ll end up doing.  I’ve got to meet up with Carl at the baseball field in about 20 minutes for a meeting for the volunteers workin the Alumni game this Friday night–yes, I got dragged into volunteering…guess it can only help boost my karma though, right?


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