It’s the small things that count

First off, the little brownies were a success at work today!  People kept telling me how yummy they were 😉 and I just smiled and said Thank you!  Took in two dozen, and left with an empty pan.  A success indeed.

Today was pretty bland in the “need to post info.”  But I just wanted to post this little something….


My wonderful momma back in KY sent me this little surprise in the mail.  It’s not as if she simply mailed me just the Clif bar–that would be down right weird.  My plates on my car were up for renewal and since it’s registered in KY, Mommy & Daddy still take care of it for me 🙂  So she had to mail me my new insurance papers and license plate sticker–& of course, a spiced pumpkin pie Clif bar!  It was such a nice surprise to open up that little envelope expecting just a few pieces of paper (maybe a little note saying hello), but a specialty Clif bar was just simply heartwarming.  That’s typical of my mom, though.  She sent Lola (my fur-child) a post card through the mail-addressed to her & everything-telling her how much she misses her “little black nose.”  She misses you too, Grammy!

Lola blogging



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