I just spilled my coffee….

Being off work in lue of Veteran’s Day, is not starting off too great for me…

First off, I awoke this morning around 6:30 with an irritating eye twitch that is relentless and would not allow me to fall back to sleep sound.  Let us backtrack:  Yesterday was a beyond boring day at work–give college kids a three day weekend and they’ll make it into four–I saw ONE student yesterday.  So I spent a majority of my day online shopping, reading fellow bloggers, and “celebrisizing” as SR would call it.  **on a better note, I ordered three gifts online for Christmas.**  Anyways,  thanks to all my boredness spent looking at computer screen for 8 hours, I am assuming that I over strained my eyes which can lead to….you guessed it, twitchy eye.

So I try to watch The Today Show–still twitching–try to go back to sleep–still twitching–so when my twitchy eye interferes with my watching of  Supernatural??….it gets ugly.  I’m tired, cranky, and annoyed with a persistent muscle spasm that makes me look like I’m having a stroke.  To combat the fatigue, I get on up out of my warm and cozy bed to head to the kitchen to make some coffee–assuming it will help me wake up and add a little warmth while cuddling with Lola watching T.V.

I make the coffee, get Lola her breakfast bowl of kibble and grab my laptop to snuggle in and catch up on my weekly shows on HuLu.  I’m all settled in, check my e-mail first and BAM!!  I spill my coffee down my chest while laying in bed.  Awesome.  So here I am-freshly changed into dry clothing, and blogging about my amazing morning on my day off…and only four hours in <insert sarcasm here.>  But this is typical me.  You would think I’d be used to it by now….I’m accepting my typical streak of unbelievable occurances.

In other news:  We all met up at the baseball field offices again last night to finalize the plans for tonight’s alumni game and form an assembly line to fill the players’ “goodie bags” they each will receive when arriving.  The main sponsor of the whole shin-dig is a representative of Anheuser-Busch, so there’s a ton of liquor paraphernalia (hats, tees, pens, bottle openers, even vodka mini bottles) in each bag.  It’s supposed to be pretty chilly tonight so I’m kind of bummed about that–but my volunteering duty is being the “gatekeeper” for the beer deck–I have to check people’s wristbands for admittance–so I’m kind of excited to turn people away who try to mess with me 🙂  It warms my heart that Carl knows me so well that he volunteers me for the job that requires a lack of tact and attitude towards strangers–not to mention that everyone elses girlfriends/wives are “afraid” to take on the task…if that’s not true love, I don’t know what is.  I’ll try to remeber to take some pics, but no promises.

I’m off to watch some HuLu for a bit then a load or two of laundry before heading to the field to help with some more prep this afternoon.  Games at 7.  Pray for me.


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