Three Day Weekend

I am happy to report that the plague of the twitchy eye finally ended around 10 o’clock Friday night while cleaning up at the alumni baseball game.  The game went well–didn’t have too many rowdy fans trying to pull any crap with me, so that was good.  It was pretty chilly sitting out on the beer deck, so about an hour into the game I was given the okay on leaving my post–so I headed for higher ground up in the heated press box.

Watching the remainder of the game from this view wasn’t half bad–I actually paid attention 😉

Saturday morning was homecoming and the football game was moved up to kick off at 12 noon.  Since Carl had to work at 7 that morning, I just got up around 10 and hung out with Lola for a bit before getting ready and walking over to campus to meet up in the clubhouse for a bit of tailgating before the game.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day here in Alabama Saturday–perfect football weather for sure.  The game totally sucked though–our team blew it.

Little Trojan Boy…cracked me up

So the end of the third quarter, Carl & I were getting hungry and decided to go to one of our new found favorite eats; Momma Goldberg’s Deli.  This place is SOOOOO good! Soups, salads, and sandwiches–YUM!  Quite the treat after watching your team lose.  We came home to cuddle up with our girl and nap for a bit before waking up to cheer on our alma mater as they took on the number one football team in the nation.  We ordered Domino’s pizza for munching to keep up our cheering energy (you can get half off any regular menu price pizza if you order online).  They also lost, but it wasn’t as bad an outcome as everyone was guessing.  That about sums up my Saturday.  We watched SNL after that, but then crashed–I enjoy my lazy Saturdays.

Today however, I have been a busy bee.  First, church then back here to finish off our pizza leftovers.  We usually go to this amazing local place for a Sunday buffet after church, but since we ate out two meals yesterday and had leftovers, we came home instead.  That way Lola didn’t have to be alone any longer either 🙂  Then I have stripped the bed linens, ran the dishwasher/put dishes away, done 3-4 loads of laundry, cleaned out my car, finally put my new sticker/insurance on my license plate :), and just made one of my fave’s for dinner: tuna helper (broccoli tettrazini) and zuchinni and squash.  And now I am wrapping this up to watch the new episode of ‘The Walking Dead’ to end the night.  Pretty good Sunday if I can say so myself!

**Only this week (+next Monday) left of work and then I hit the road back to KY for Thanksgiving with the fam!!!


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