Becoming Balanced

So I have totally sucked keeping updated this week. I think that’s because I am just so ready for Thanksgiving break next week that I have had practically nothing to post about because my daily schedule has consisted of work, home, eat, and sleep–sad, I know.  I am trying to speed up time so I can be home quicker 🙂  With this stupid daylight savings, it is dark by the time I leave work.  So once I get home and get my belly full I am in bed by like 9:00 every night.  I don’t feel too much like an old lady though because Carl usually beats me to bed-he passes out around 8:00 most nights (and that’s pushing it for him!)

Anywho-I have been stalking this awesome website putting me in the mood for becoming a master chef (I am seriously turning into Sara Lee).  The website is and it is pretty awesome.  Maybe it’s where Thanksgiving is next week and I am such an inner fat kid at heart and craving turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, broccoli casserole, and PUMPKIN PIE that has brought out this desire for yummy home cooked recipes.  This week alone I have made slow cooker chicken and dumplings, and fisherman’s quick fish. **two new recipes in one week is pretty fancy for me**  And I must brag on myself because BOTH recipes were incredible.  I’ve got a few to try out still before we head to KY on Tuesday: pumpkin pancakes, white chili with turkey, and I’m going to try this chicken and corn chili to take to work on Monday for our luncheon meeting.  Slow cookers might be the best invention ever–throw ingredients into pot, leave for work, come home to ready meal = genius.  I am also craving to make any of these recipes as well.  (Desserts = weakness)

For tonight however, I’m going old-school with Chef Boyardee’s Pizza kit (one of Carl’s fav’s) for our Friday night ritual.


It might not be fancy, but it’s home made!

Onto other updates throughout this week: I am becoming more settled in to my office at work.  Got my newly ordered bulletin board put up and I ordered a Gaiam Balance Ball System from amazon. I got some odd looks from all the older peeps in my building, but one squat on the ball and they were believers in the balance ball.  EVERYBODY has back issues, so they were all raving about how comfy it is and how they want one now.  I’m so new-age and innovative…go me! 😉

Bulletin Board

Super cool

I’ve been doing a BIT of Christmas online shopping when I have down time at work, and you know when you are shopping for others and you always end up finding something that you just can’t live without–and since you’re buying stuff for someone else you don’t feel as guilty for buying yourself something too?? Well, this is what I found that I just could NOT live without…


So true…

Had to buy it, right? I mean, I AM a mother to a “dog”–she IS my child, so why not! I have been preaching that dogs are waaayyy better than actual children for years.  Might as well have a coffee mug that states that opinion for the world to know, right?  I think so.


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