Bah Humbug

I have admittedly slacked off during the Thanksgiving break, but I am back and dreading getting into the holiday spirit.  But first, a recap…
Carl & I headed up to KY last Tuesday afternoon.  The weather and traffic were TERRIBLE, but we made it safely (in 11 hours).  Here’s a pic of a rainbow we saw along our journey.

I don’t remember exactly where along the interstate this was, but I was bored and tried distracting myself from Carl’s terrible driving skills so I picked up my phone to snap a photo.

Being the loving family member that I am, I brought home some leftover cupcakes that I had fixed earlier in the week that I didn’t want to just throw out before we left.  I was actually surprised they made the complete trip home to KY since Carl was traveling with sweets (no, that’s not my nickname he calls me).  He only asked to have ONE for the entire 11 hours stuck in the car.  I was elated when I walked through the door late Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning with a pan of 5 whole cupcakes to share with my family!  I hit the hay and awake to this….

Lil’ bro aftermath

My devil of a little brother decided he was hungry late that night and found the perfect snack waiting for him smack in the middle of the kitchen counter.  But he DEVOURED all FIVE cupcakes!!! I was shocked when I awoke the next morning bragging on how they made the trip and how yummy they are and how everyone is going to absolutely LOVE them….then lil’ bro shared the news.  Such a turd.  Oh well.  I have promised to bring home a WHOLE batch for Christmas.  Hopefully five was his limit for one sitting.

The morning of Thanksgiving, I had already informed everyone of a local Turkey Trot 5K that was going on and all the proceeds were directed to a local animal shelter and that everyone (both siblings and a family friend) were coming out to support and bring their fur-babies as well.  Well, my lil bro (probably in a sugar coma from the cupcakes) was “too tired” to get up that morning and join, so I took on the role of best K9-aunt-ever and harnessed up his two boys (a husky mix and a collie/retriever mix) to get our sweat on.  *I was highly mistaken on that note–it was maybe 40 degrees and NO sunshine that morning, so any sweat we managed to produce turned quickly to ice particles.  The turnout was AMAZING–biggest one they’ve had so far (I think it was around 850 or so) which is HUGE for the area.  There were so many dogs that came to partake in the festivities as well.  My sis brought her great dane, Maddie and our friend Jess brought her 6lb. yorkie, Daisy.  We were quite a crew.  We walked most of it, but I had to jog/run quite a bit with the two beasts I had towing me along.  Finished in 47:00 and had a blast the whole way.  Definitely a Thanksgiving tradition now that will become an annual event.

Katie with Maddie & me with Teddy & Bear

Bear, Me & Teddy waiting for race to start

The rest of the visit home was fun, but nothing really eventful.  The siblings and I went out for Black Friday shopping but it was complete chaos this year.  The little bro & I went last year and it was busy, but manageable.  This year was just madness.  Especially Wal-Mart.  You would have thought they were giving away everything in that store for free with the crowd of people that managed to cram into the store we went to.  The big ticket item this year was a new T.V. for my dad.  He has been stuck with this old school T.V. for years.  And not just old, but crappy too–the picture had been going bad (screen turning blue) for a couple of years now and constantly saying how he “needs” a new one.  So this was the year.  The siblings, Mom and myself all pitched in to fight off the crazy bargain hunters in the wee hours of Friday morning to snag the best deal we could find on a 55″ LED Samsung “Smart” T.V. (Yes, they make smart televisions now apparently ).  We debated on waiting till Christmas to give it to him, but then we decided that we wanted to get some use out of it before then so we went ahead and surprised him with it around 6:30 Friday morning when he was getting up for work.  It was hilarious–he looked so confused trying to read the box that was posted up in front of his old, crappy T.V.  Like a kid on Christmas morning trying to figure out what all Santa had brought him and which present to go after first! 🙂  We hooked it up for him later that afternoon (once we got some z’s) so it would be ready to watch (and us to play some Dance Central with Kinect) by the time he got home from work.  He was thrilled.  I think we did a pretty good job.  Now, to just begin the shopping for presents for the rest of the fam!

Traveling back to Bama on Sunday might not have been the smartest move.  Traffic wasn’t terrible until we were about 3 or 4 hours away–dead stop.  Accident after accident on the interstate held us up for 2 1/2 hours.  People apparently go brain dead in Alabama when it rains at night and attempt to operate a motor vehicle.

Bumper to bumper

It was terrible, but it eventually started moving and we made it home safe late Sunday night–only took 13 hours!!!!!  Ugh.  Getting up and moving was rather difficult Monday morning.  I nabbed a cold (congestion and sore throat) from my mom while I was home so that didn’t help out either.

But I am hopefully caught up on my sleep and feeling a little better.  Taste buds are back and sore throat is gone.  Just fighting off the last bit of congestion in my chest now.  Nothing I can’t handle.

I even got a bit of the “Christmas spirit” last night and began digging out all the decorations and tree to be scattered about the new house here in Bama.  I only managed a few little decorations last night-table cloth, candy dish, a few wall decorations, and a front door wreath of course.  The rest I will tackle either throughout the remainder of the week or this weekend for sure.

I LOVE Christmas, I mean it’s my favorite holiday for sure, but for some reason I am just not feeling it this year.  It’s just snuck up on me so fast I can hardly believe it’s that time of year.  Guess that’s why I am slow to the whole Christmas element this year.  I did manage to remember to bring this into work and decorate my office for the season….

Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown 🙂


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