Hump Day Progress

I may have stayed up a bit late watching HULU+ last night.  Is it bad when my boyfriend goes to bed at 8:00 and I stay up till 10 doing my nails and watching episodes of my favorite T.V. shows??  I didn’t think so either…

Yesterday I made a dinner menu for the week.  I have been meaning to try this FOREVER now to try to make things a little easier on my when I get home.  Instead of standing in front of the pantry staring aimlessly at shelves of groceries contemplating what to throw together for dinner (and at one point being so lazy and making waffles), I decided to plan out a menu for the week so I can go in the kitchen ready when I get home from work.  Even though I was a day late planning, this is what the menu consists of:

Tuesday: Turkey Tacos/Nachos (ground turkey meat instead of beef)

Wednesday: Slow Cooker Beef Stew

Thursday: Chicken and Noodles

Friday: “Home made” Chef Boyardee Pizza Kit

Saturday: Left over beef stew

Sunday: TBA

I think of Sunday as being part of next week, so I didn’t think planning a meal for that day was necessary.  Or it could be I’m just lazy and convinced myself of the preceeding comment 🙂  Hey, 5 whole days of meals planned and ready is a HUGE step for me.  Let’s not push it…

Turkey Tacos are one of mine and Carl’s fav’s.  He gives me a hard time for using turkey instead of beef but he will thank me one day for this replacement-I’m sure of it.

I’m not fond of a lot of red meat in my diet but let’s be honest, there’s no replacement when it comes to beef stew.  While making breakfast (and by “making” I mean grabbing a yogurt out of the fridge drawer), I threw together all (3) the ingredients for beef stew into the slow cooker to be cookin’ all day while I’m at work.  I absolutely LOVE my crock pot.  It’s like having a live-in-chef (for me, because I am Carl’s pretty much).  You come home from work and voila, dinner is served.

It’s a super easy/lazy recipe because I do like to cut corners when I can:

  • 2 packages of lean trimmed beef cutlets (for beef stew)
  • 2 packages of frozen stew vegetables (carrots, onions, potatoes, and celery)
  • 2 cartons of beef stock
  • salt and pepper to taste

BAM! I’m a culinary master.  Figured it would be the perfect dinner for tonight since it’s cooler and rainy today.  Plus, it gives me more time to rush home and watch some more HULU+ instead of rushing to get dinner started. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

I have this Friday off from work because our office encourages every employee to take a “shopping day” before the holidays–how awesome is that? Since I finished up my online shopping last night for everyone, I’m not sure if I will actually go shopping or just clean my house (Yes I clean in my spare time).  Definitely thinking of fitting in a run at some point, however.  Participating in the Turkey Trot 5K while at home over Thanksgiving break was just the kick in the butt I needed.  I can remember about half way through the race thinking, “God this feels great!  How I have missed running!”  Got that passion back for sure!

Happy Hump Day to all!!



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