Christmas at the Beach

Carl & I decided to head south to see the ocean this past weekend as our little Christmas getaway with each other.  Beach is so much better than a present 🙂

Couldn’t pass up this photo op


Lola absolutely LOVED the beach!  She had been before, back when she was just a pup and we still lived at the beach my first year of college, but she didn’t seem that into it then–man how she’s grown up!  She was smelling EVERYTHING and prancing through the sand-even went sprinting after some seagulls at one point!  We even went close to the water’s edge and she didn’t seem to mind.  Such a cutie!

Carl and I enjoyed our little trip to the beach.  We even played a game of lazer tag (that I won!).  We had a blast!  I seriously could not stop giggling the first three minutes once the game of lazer tag started!  It was fun to feel like a kid again.  Seafood, lazer tag, yogurt, and a honky tonk bar with a live band playing country music?!? MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME!!


2 thoughts on “Christmas at the Beach

  1. Lola is the cutest!!!! “:D and I love these photos. you have great hair too 😉 lol I always wish dark hair looked good on me, but it doesn’t ….sometimes I dye it dark anyways. lol

    • aw, thanks! she is definitely my “fur child!” i’m the complete opposite–i wish light hair looked good on me! tried it once, root upkeep is insane! lol

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