A little inspiration…

While stalking reading up on a fellow blogger, I came across this video and new blog to become addicted to.  If you’ve fallen off the running horse lately (like me), here’s a video that will give you a swift kick in the butt and get you up, off the couch and lacing up your sneakers before you realize what hit you…seriously.

My leg was doing that “uncontrollable, twitchy/shaky thing” that might be more familiar among caffeine addicts-but my leg was doing it because I was seriously antsy to get moving again.  Didn’t even realize it until the video was over and I was half crying/half pumped to get back to running.

I know what an accomplishment it can be to set yourself up for a running goal and push yourself until you achieve it…I miss that feeling.

With the move south, the new job, and settling into a new routine (one that lacks running) it’s been easy to overlook making time to be active and stick to a running schedule.  I hope to get back in touch with my running self later this month while spending the holidays at home.  I need to make myself set goals again and work to achieve them.  I’m hoping to meet up with an old high school friend (ChasingTheNow) for a run or two-although, she may leave me in the dust; she just completed her first marathon!  Hopefully that will get me the added inspiration I need again.

Ever since I picked up running a little over 2 years ago, my ULTIMATE goal is to one day complete a marathon.  Researching training plans, fitness/diet, etc. I came across the statistic that less than 1% of Americans have completed marathons.  Less than 1%.  That lit a fire under my butt at the time and made me push myself to continue to run and improve.  I think I’ve found that spark yet again thanks to Ben’s incredible accomplishments and sharing his journey through running.

Now to find a marathon that I will complete….any suggestions??


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