Off to a bad start…

It’s only twenty after eight this morning and I am already 0 for 2.

I was suppose to get up this morning with Carl at 5 AM to get my 3 miles in for the day, but I didn’t sleep well so I was a bit grouchy and decided to try to rest for another hour instead.  It’s still super dark here at 5:00 in the morning, so Carl suggested I run with him at the baseball field so he won’t worry about me out running the roads in the dark–which is smart.  But I’m not sure if I can run laps in the outfield and be happy.  Just not the same as going for a distance run. So my plans for the day were already thrown off, but there was more in store for me…

I’m dressed and walking out the door (rushing because I typically have 5 mins to get to work-only takes 4!), get in my car, turn the key and….NOTHING.  No engine cranking to turn over. Nada.  Zip.  I mildly panic thinking wtf do I do-Carl is clocked in working and can’t leave to come get me. So I call my office secretary to tell her I’ll be a bit late because my car will not start and she offers to come pick me up. I tell her I don’t want to trouble her, she tells me it’s no trouble at all–the typical courteous banter of wanting help, offering help, denying you need help, then politely accepting help.  I then call up my dad to inform him of my situation and find out what to do because believe it or not, I’m not very mechanically inclined when it comes to vehicles 🙂  He gives me the overview of what I’m suppose to do to go about getting my car running, but it just overwhelms me and I dread how I am to go about this.  Carl is no mechanic either.  We don’t own a pair of jumper cables, and even if we did-neither of us know how to use them.  **I will be youtubing instructions on this today at work** Pathetic, I know.

Mrs. Anne came to my rescue and brought me into work, but I am not looking forward to how/when I will be able to fix my car.  I only have an hour for lunch, I’m in a dress and heels today because Carl & I are leaving work a half hour early to go to some dinner the president of the university bought the baseball staff tickets for in a city an hour away, so we won’t be back until late tonight, AND I get to get up and attempt to head into work tomorrow at 8AM hopefully in a car that runs!  *Joy*

Wish me luck.  Looks like I’m running tomorrow instead of cross training–maybe even to and from work 🙂


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