Hump Day Hurdles

Happy Hump Day!  We are officially half way to the weekend 🙂  Just wanted to post a few updates to yesterdays to-do list.

  1. Thank God for AAA.  On my lunch break, I called AAA (an annual Christmas present from my Grandmother) and had them send out a service truck to give my car a jump because the battery was deadzo.  It took a couple of tries it was so dead!  But they got it up and running and I scurried over to Auto Zone to purchase a new battery and have it installed–again, because I have no clue.  Nothing like blowing $100 on parts for your car when you’re trying to save.
  2. Dinner was a success.  The event was put on by a coaching organization in the state and the guest of honor was Bobby Valentine.  (Yeh, I didn’t know who he was either till last night, so here’s a bit of info).      There was a silent auction going on before dinner was served and there was a framed picture from the movie Bull Durham and autographed by Kevin Costner. I really wanted to bid on this item for sentimental reasons, but the starting bid was $150 and I already had to splurge on a car battery so I had to turn away 😦  But it was fun to see and think about finding something similar in the future to own.
  3. Workout=bust.  Since I didn’t get my run in early yesterday morning, I was unable to yesterday evening since we didn’t get home till almost 11-therefore not giving me enough rest to get up early this morning and run 😉  It’s only a 30 minute circuit training day anyways.  Planning on hitting the elliptical after work tonight to get my sweat on.  Tomorrow is a planned 3 mile run in the morning–I will make myself get up early!

That’s pretty much it for now.  Planning on baked Parmesan encrusted tilapia with brown rice & broccoli for dinner*one of mine & Carl’s fav’s!



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