Not too shabby

Success!  I actually got my butt up out of bed this morning (after hitting snooze only once!) for an easy 3.5 miler around 5:30 this morning!

I met Carl over at the baseball field to run the outer track surrounding the field like he suggested since it’s still dark out this early.  The weather was perfect too; 65 degrees, light breeze, and only slight humidity-it tried to mist a bit but held off.  I ran in a tee shirt and shorts and was covered in sweat by the end.  🙂

Running in circles/laps wasn’t as bad as I had originally thought either.  Which was a huge surprise but a happy one.  Guess a baseball field is larger than I had assumed.  I set out to only do 3 miles even, but I felt so good that I went .5 mile more.  No biggie.  3 to 4 miles is a pretty easy run for me now and am beginning to feel only like a warm up <–NEVER thought I would say this!!

Carl was proud of me but poked fun that tomorrow will be the real test on whether or not I get up again.  I told him tomorrow is a scheduled rest day and he just laughed at me.  Which brings me to my next thought/concern:

I’ve been training for this half marathon for about 3 weeks now.  I can comfortably run 3 to 4 miles easy and have successfully logged 6.2 miles without any major struggles.  The training plan I have taken on is for 8 weeks, running 3 to 4 days per week with Sundays being the distance runs.  Where this is my first half marathon undertaking/training, I don’t want to bite off more than I can chew too soon, but Carl seems to think I am not running enough.  Any helpful advice on this topic out there??

Here’s my training plan I am following:

Beginner Program
Week Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fri. Sat. Sun.
1 Rest 2-mi EZ 30-min XT 2-mi EZ Rest 30-min XT 4-mi LNG
2 Rest 2.5-mi EZ 30-min XT 2.5-mi EZ Rest 35-min XT 6-mi LNG
3 Rest 3-mi EZ 30-min XT 3-mi EZ Rest 40-min XT 7-mi LNG
4 Rest 3.5-mi EZ 30-min XT 3.5-mi EZ Rest 45-min XT 8-mi LNG
5 Rest 4-mi EZ 30-min XT 4-mi EZ Rest 50-min XT 9-mi LNG
6 Rest 4.5-mi EZ 30-min XT 4.5-mi EZ Rest 55-min XT 10-mi LNG
7 Rest 5-mi EZ 30-min XT 5-mi EZ Rest 60-min XT 12-mi LNG
8 Rest 2-mi EZ Rest 2-mi EZ Rest Rest Half-
easy run
long run
tempo run
race pace

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