Stir fry Saturday

Today was basically the perfect Saturday that I described in my previous ’20 things’ post.  Woke up around 7 this morning (went to sleep last night around 10) to beautiful sunshine beaming in through the windows!  Such a nice sight to wake up to.  Had my usual breakfast of toast with nutella and blueberry yogurt–and of course, coffee.  Carl had to head to work around 9:30, so Lola & I held down the house while watching a few episodes of The X-files.  The beautiful sun was shining so bright and warmed up to a nice 70 degrees, so I threw on my Mizunos and harnessed up Lola to head out and enjoy a walk.  We walked up and around campus for about 45 minutes before settling into a nice swing to soak up some rays for a little while before heading back home.  We covered probably around 2 miles total–she’s such a little champ.

Threw together some chicken stir fry when Carl came home.  Scarfed that down and then headed out for some yogurt!!!!  So delish.  And now I am chugging the water to get myself hydrated because tomorrow I will set out to tackle 8 miles.  Pray for me….


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