8 miles achieved

Today I made a new personal distance record:

It felt amazing too.  First two miles were rough (as always),  but then I hit my “runner’s high” around 4.5 miles and finished strong.  I didn’t constantly check my Garmin for miles covered and how far to go–I actually was surprised when I hit mile 8 and felt like I could continue.  Knees were a bit achy and getting stiff, but it was an incredible run and boosted my confidence for reaching 13.1. 

I watched Spirit of the Marathon half way through before heading out on my run for a little inspiration.  I think it helped because I kept repeating the opening quote in my mind whenever I began to doubt myself.

 Sometimes the moments that challenge us the most define us.  -Deena Kastor

A marathon is beyond challenging, but I want to be defined as a marathoner.  So I will push myself until I reach that goal.  Sounds crazy, but it worked.  I finished the film upon returning from my 8 miler and I have to admit, there were numerous moments throughout that I felt myself tearing up.  But by the end, I was a sobbing mess 🙂  But a good sobbing mess.  So inspiring and the incredible journeys people set out on to reach those 26.2 miles–Just reinforced my goal to reach 26.2 as well.  Definitelly a film I will watch again throughout my training process.

In between my film viewing/sob fest, I chugged this little guy upon walking through the door.  Pretty good and packed with protein.  Considering I burned over 1,000 calories, I thought it a good idea to replinish.  Not too bad tasting either.  Definitley look into grabbing a few more of these bad boys for after my long runs.

So happy with my accomplishment today of 8 miles.  Only further improvements from here!  And now–my treat to myself for reaching my goal today: mani/pedi!!! (At home of course.  I’m no millionaire!) 😉


3 thoughts on “8 miles achieved

  1. Loved that movie. I cried, too. Out of curiosity did the Odwalla protein drink have kiwi or pineapple in it? I’d love to try it but I’m allergic to both and it seems most of their drinks contain at least one.

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