Breakfast for Dinner

Who says you can’t have breakfast for dinner??


I had planned out my meals for the week Sunday night and had every night planned except for Monday (last night).  I looked in the freezer and dug through the pantry and the maple syrup was staring me right in the face so it was a must:  Waffles for dinner.  I scrambled up the last 5 eggs that were in the fridge to go along with (not pictured bc I devoured them) because guess what?!…It’s time to go to grocery shopping AGAIN!!!!  Blah.

But I’ve made a list and even have coupons and hunted for deals via  Gotta get some tasty treats for Super Bowl Sunday/the day I conquer 10 miles (eek!).  AND some cake mix for Carl’s birthday in two weeks.  His birthday just happens to fall on the baseball season home opener, so I am surprising him with little baseball cake pops!Hopefully, mine will look somewhat similar…I’ve been shopping around too as to gather some idea of what to get him for his b-day.  It’s going to be his 25th (half-way to 50 as I like to remind him!) so it’s kind of a big deal–at least, to me anyways.  I will probably have a mid-life crisis on my 25th this summer 😦  Any helpful hints as to what to get a sportsy-25 year old?!?  He doesn’t want/need anything major, so just looking for that little something special to celebrate the big two-five.  Going on seven years together and I have no clue.  I know, I suck.

Onto running progress:Got my butt out of bed this A.M. around 5 after 5 to knock out a 5K for today’s training.  Wasn’t too bad, but didn’t feel as good as last week or Sunday’s distance run.  I picked up my pace (barely!)but my legs felt heavy underneath me.  It was only about 40 degrees out too, so I blame that 😉  Still, it felt good to loosen up my legs and get the heart pumping.

Here’s what’s planned for this week:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Rest 3 mi EZ 30-min XT 3.5 mi EZ Rest 45-min XT 10 mi LNG

FYI: Tonight’s dinner is homemade chicken & noodle soup with a peanut butter sandwich.  YUM!


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