Super Weekend

I just completed 10 miles this morning.  But more on that later.

Yesterday, I drove 52 miles southbound to the next “big” town because I found a cute little running shop I wanted to check out and purchase a few Gu Gels for my scheduled 10 miler today.  The store is called Love 2 Run and it was really cute.  I grabbed a few different flavors and one pack of gummies to try out.Right across the street from the running store was a local park–of course I had to go over and check it out!  Turned out to be a really good find within the town!  Had a walking/hiking trail circling the park:I ran 1.5 miles and hiked the one loop around, totaling 4.75 miles in a little over an hour.  Not too shabby.  I decided not to run the entire thing because it was a trail afterall and not the best of surfaces to begin trail running on.But it was a pretty trail to get away from the busy city and “back to nature” for a bit.  Had to capture the  pampas grass lining a part of the trail for my mom!And of course, it was puppy friendly!  Lola will definitely be joining me next time!After a nearly 5 mile hike ending around 2 o’clock, my belly reminded me that I hadn’t eaten since breakfast around 8 that morning.  So look what I found!McCallister’s Deli!  One of my fav’s and a staple when visiting Myrtle Beach.  I was so excited to find one much closer!

Cranberry Orange Club Wrap with Fruit Cup and Unsweet Tea

After filling up on lunch, I headed home to where dinner was already prepared and ready–I had thrown together the fixin’s for chicken chili in the good ol’ crock pot before I headed out.  And it was pretty delish too.  Carl was a little upset that I made chili with chicken instead of beef, but once he finished his first bowl and started on his second, he admited and it might be the BEST chili he has ever had!  Guess I did pretty good 🙂

So that brings us to today.  I woke up around 8 and ate some oatmeal, strawberry banana yogurt, and a granola bar slathered with peanut butter.  Had my cup of coffee then it was time to get up and get out.

Ready to tackle 10!

It was around 63 degrees, overcast with a light, cool breeze=perfection.  However, humidity was already at 85% by 9:30AM.  Great.  But no sun, so that was helpful.  I set out and did a few loops through the neighboring streets and FINALLY found a route that had a large downhill street.  But I couldn’t avoid the hills the entire time.  They are kicking my ass.  My Garmin Forenunner Elevation report said that I gained 748ft!  Wish I could figure out how to post the chart from the report on here to share.  It’s seriously up, down, up, down, up, down.  CRAZY!  But my half course is suppose to be VERY flat, so I am at least over-training to be super prepared!  However, of course I would finish up mile 9 on a HUGE hill.  Ugh.  Nearly killed me but I made it.

Sweat much?

I made it!

I am no speed racer, but I wasn’t running for time; I was running for distance; I was running to succeed.  I had to walk in between the uphill elevation spots, but I ran the majority of the 10 miles.  I selected the Blackberry GU to try out at 5.25 miles.  THE VERDICT:  flavor was delish, but the consistency is a bit too gooey for me.  I immediately thought my sister who hates frutis because of the texture and consistency and pictured her trying a GU gel and gagging 🙂  I admit, it made me giggle just a bit.  Overall, I will definitely continue to train with my GU’s because I think it definitely helped.  I not only ran 10 miles before noon, but I immediately came home and after stretching, took Lola outside for a bit to trim her nails.

After sitting out and enjoying the sun for a bit, we came in and it was bath time for Lola!  She is now bathed AND teeth brushed.  But that wasn’t enough for me.  I continued to vacuum my house, and scrub the kitchen couters and mop the floor.  Shew!  Holy productive day!  Now I am showered, blogging, and will be throwing together some dips and snacks to munch on during the Super Bowl in a few hours.  I am not a die hard fan of either team playing (or football in general) so I just enjoy the snack-making fun on Super Bowl Sunday.

Ok, so I think I am all caught up.  🙂  A weekend of multiple accomplishments and still 4 weeks until my half-marathon.

Who are you cheering for in the Super Bowl tonight??


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