Some days you’re the statue…

Today’s workout according to my training plan called for 4 miles.  I set my alarm last night for 5AM and laid my clothes out.  Well, throughout the night I remember waking up multiple times and looking at the clock at 11:30, 2AM, then pretty much every hour on the hour after that for some reason.  So I wasn’t feeling my best my alarm went off at 5 and Carl was already up and out the door.  I decided to hit snooze and ditch the 4 mile run today and hope for a better night’s rest tonight and rise & shine tomorrow. That old saying came to mind while laying in bed thinking about running: “Some days you’re the statue, and some days you’re the pigeon.”  I definitely felt like the statue today.

On another note, here’s the pic from the dinner a few weeks ago Carl & I went to with Red Sox Coach, Bobby Valentine.

Carl looks like a total goob.  That is seriously an 8-year-old-meeting-a-baseball-celeb-grin.  LoL.

*Attention Deficit Disorder kicking in*  I’m totally digging this old nail polish I dug out of my nail polish/utensils box last night.

Apologies for the sausage fingers

It’s ‘Sinful Colors’ brand-not sure of the color name, but it’s a super light-pink.  Just the right hint of color to accent my purple attire today.

Something else I am in love with today:


DOLE® Fruit Smoothie Shakers®  Everybody loves smoothies but they are a lot of work to make at home. Now, with DOLE® Fruit Smoothie Shakers®, consumers can say “bye-bye blender” and enjoy a great-tasting, nutritious, real-fruit and yogurt smoothie any time of day—at home or on-the-go. DOLE® Fruit Smoothie Shakers® also provide a delicious way to add healthy fruit and real, non-fat yogurt with the added benefits of pre- and probiotics to your diet, as a nutritious snack or meal replacement.

DOLE® Fruit Smoothie Shakers® are made with frozen yogurt beads and finely cut fruit. Through Dole’s unique product development, simply remove from the freezer, add your favorite juice, then shake for 30-45 seconds for an instant real-fruit smoothie. Shake your way into a healthy, great tasting smoothie – without the mess of using a blender and at a fraction of the cost of buying from a smoothie shop.

DOLE® Fruit Smoothie Shakers® come in three delicious and nutritionally-fortified varieties: Strawberry Banana, Strawberry and Mixed Berry. Strawberry Banana is fortified with 100% DV of Vitamin C; Strawberry is fortified with 5 grams of Fiber; Mixed Berry is fortified with 5 grams of Protein. DOLE® Fruit Smoothie Shakers® are all-natural and contain pre- and probiotics (live and active cultures). These low-fat smoothies at only 180 – 190 calories per serving (with 7-oz of juice) are also a good source of calcium.

I’m enjoying the strawberry banana flavor today mixed with DOLE® Orange Strawberry Banana Juice=perfection.

Almost empty!

Next order of business: Carl’s B-day presents.  I have found two things to surprise him with.  These too cute cufflinks–not only made from a REAL baseball, but a baseball used in a MLB game by the Cincinnati Reds=Carl’s fav team!!!  How cool is that?!?  I found them via Etsy searching simply “baseball” and these little beauties popped up!  They come with a Certificate of Authenticity which lists the specific date and game the baseball was used as well as the original MLB Authentication number from the ball they used to create your pair of cufflinks.  I’m pretty excited to see what he thinks of these!

I also was drawn to this print in an 8×10 that I will frame for Carl to hang in his office.  He hasn’t decorated his office at all so I thought this would make a good first-pic to adorn his bare walls.  **How funny that RIGHT after I ordered this, Carl texted me telling me that he was thinking about making the pic of us with Bobby V the first pic to frame and put on his desk!!** However, he then asks me if I know how to “get it printed on photo paper and look legit”–I say yes, I will take care of it-so another little gift he can expect for Valentine’s day 🙂

That about sums it up for today.  Guess I better get back to work for 3 more hours.  Better luck sleeping tonight and waking up early to run tomorrow!

Lola didn’t make it through the Super Bowl…


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