Seriously slacking

3 weeks till my half-marathon, and I have hit a wall.  I didn’t run the planned 4 miles on Tuesday OR Thursday Last week, so when it came to tackling 11 miles on Sunday–I only made it to 6.2. (This is according to my Garmin, which I find is more accurate than Nike+)However, it didn’t help that it was only around 35 degrees!  Too cold for my taste.  This was one of those runs where every stride was MISERABLE and it took all I had to get myself to 6 miles.  Each of my legs felt like they weight 100 lbs. and I never really felt “warmed up” but when I would start to perspire then it would make me chill because it was almost instantly freeze.  Brr.  Hats off to all those who run in below freezing temps.  Don’t know how you do it.

Came back to cuddle with my girl and get warm!  I don’t know if it was the cold weather or from not running at all the previous week (or a combo of both), but I felt more sore after these 6 miles than I did after last Sunday’s 10.  My lower back also was really tight, so I laid on a heating pad for the remainder of the evening and it was better by Monday morning.

I still took Monday as my rest day (it was still fricken freezing out).  Yesterday was rainy AND cold, so…like I’m gonna run in that.  I at least swapped my 30-min cross training session for today in last night.  I stumbled across this awesome blog via Meghann over at MealsandMiles.  This ab circuit consists of 5 moves, for 30 seconds each, 6 times through.  I only made it half-way (FAIL!) doing only 3 times through each exercise and finished by holding plank for 1 minute two times instead of running my fastest mile (because it was after 6 and already dark out).  I am definitely feeling it today!  I have never had any sort of toned/definition of abs, even during my 4 years of high school soccer.  In fact, I think I need to be studied–I gain weight when I work out regularly and watch what I eat.  I know, makes no sense.  This morning, my pants were a bit more snug than I would prefer 😦  Oh well.  I’m determined to get back to training and complete this half-marathon.  Afterwards I can get back to focusing more on diet and lessening my calorie intake.

That brings us to today.  I’m suppose to run 4.5 miles today, but I just was not feeling the 5AM wake up call this morning.  But it is staying daylight just a bit longer now, so I am determined to bust out a quick 4. 5 miles after work on the campus track.  I am SO DONE with all these hills around here!  Converted me to a track runner.

Guess what came in the mail yesterday!?!? Carl’s cuff links!!!  I was so excited to open them! Wanted to give them to him right then and see his reaction! But I will wait till Friday-nearly bursting at the seams with excitement!! 🙂

I was also excited to give him his Valentine’s gifts yesterday tho.  Just a few books about baseball, two framed photos (one of us with Bobby V-posted below, and another of us with Lola from our trip to the beach in December).  I told him they better make his desk for display!  I also crafted this inside joke for a card-because I’m crafty like that.(If you mouth “olive juice,” it looks like you are saying “I love you.” ) We had a discussion about how we used to do this in middle school because we were stupid and young 🙂

Here is what I woke up to–propped up in front of the coffee maker so I couldn’t miss it!

Chocolates and Snoopy=keys to my heart

He knows me so well.  We don’t do any big celebrating for V-day, and he has never given me the typical box of chocolates or flowers or stuffed animals and crap, so he thought he would this year he said.  Which is kind of funny, because earlier this week I got the biggest craving for chocolate 🙂  We make a good pair.

Over the years….



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