Back on Track

So, I have been keeping busy at work and home since I last posted, but just wanted to make a quick post to keep myself accountable with my training.  I stuck to my convictions and went running after work on Wednesday!  Only had to bust out 4.5 miles, and it was a beautiful day/evening, so I made myself grab clothes and Garmin when I went home for lunch.  I am so glad that I did 🙂  I am SO an evening runner! Why try to convert to mornings if you know you are an evening at heart?  This run felt amazing!  Didn’t stop once to walk up any killer hills that usually get me, and kept right around a 10 min/mi pace (I walked the last .16; Garmin info=4.5 miles in 45:28).  While walking back to my car, I noticed this sign on campus right beside my building that I had never noticed before….

Somebody didn’t think this one through…

Yesterday I was UNBELIEVABLY sore thanks to the Toned in 12′ Ab Circuit routine, so I subbed today’s rest day in for yesterday.  Even though I am crazy busy at work today, it’s Carl’s birthday, AND tonight is the season opener for baseball, I AM running 4.5 more miles tonight after work.  I am hoping to leave around 4, go home and change, run, then back home to change, finish up baseball cake-pops (that’s for a whole other post!), feed Lola, then head back to campus to make the ball game.  Shew!  I’m worn out just thinking about my upcoming evening.

I have yet to surprise Carl with his b-day gifts since we have both been crazy busy all week and especially today.  So that will be done probably after the game and yet another post.

I’m off to interview high school seniors applying for Leadership scholarships! Ahh! It never ends!!!


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