Not enough time in one day anymore…

Just a weekend recap–Friday:  I wasn’t able to leave work at 4, but I still mananged to get my planned 4.5 miles in before heading to the season opening baseball game.  These 4.5 miles felt even better than Wednesdays; and even managed a better time–44:37.  Awwright!  Then it was time to really book it when I got home from my run.  I had to warm up some left over stir fry, ice my shins (only feeling a hint of shin splints, so trying to stop them before getting worse), shower, get dressed, feed Lola, and also put together Carl’s b-day gifts.   The really nice photo prints I had received on Monday were yet to be placed in the really nice frames I had also had since the beginning of the week.  But I couldn’t find the time any earlier in the week because Carl had been home when I was.  So once I threw his gift together and into a bag, it was (finally!) time to head to the field.  I was a little late, but still made it for a couple innings and to visit with Carl afterwards to let him open his gifts in his office.  He seemed really surprised and pleased with the little gifts I was able to give him this year.  The pictures went right up on his bare office walls and he thought his cuff links were pretty snazzy 😉  The other coaches were impressed with my thought I put into his presents and were all informing me of when their birthdays are–just in case I want to get them anything <LoL>  We were at the field until around 10 PM so no big night out on the town for celebrating the birthday this year!  Straight to sleep we went because Carl had to get up at 5:30 the next morning to work before their scheduled double-header.

Ice, ice baby

Saturday:  Basically rained ALL day here.  My training plan called for 55 minute cross training activity of some sort, but the way my shins were a bit achy yesterday, I decided to take it easy.  I caught up on some Hulu Plus programs and cleaned up the house a bit.  There was no way I was heading to the ball field to sit out in the rain.  Carl knows that too, hehe!  Thought this would be the perfect time to finish up making the baseball cake pops I started Thursday night.  I had burnt the white melting chocolate in the microwave that night during my first attempt, so I grabbed two packages of white chocolate chips this time and rigged up my own double boiler using two pots.



I had a hard time getting the white chocolate to a good consistency for dipping the cake balls and getting them fully covered.  Took a few times of trial and error to realize I needed to add more vegetable oil.  A few cake pops decided to fall apart in the dipping process and you had to allow time for the white chocolate excess to drip off the cake ball before propping it up to harden, so I didn’t have patience for this.  Only dipped a dozen as legit “cake pops” on sticks and the rest I simply dunked and placed on a sheet of parchment paper before throwing all the finalized balls into the fridge to harden.  Decorating the cake pops with red icing “laces” also didn’t turn out as nice as I had hoped.  Oh well.  You win some, you lose some.  At least they all still taste delicious!  These are now one of Carl’s new faves I can make.

They only managed to get 5 innings in before the rain became too much.  So Carl was done early for the day and we decided to squeeze in our trip to Wal-Mart for the grocery trek.  (Only after he took a nap with his girl.)

We then hit up Pizza Hut so I could carb load for today’s planned distance run of 11 miles.  We ordered a large pepperoni with banana and green peppers and it was so yummy.  Only had 3 pieces each and had to get a to-go box.

Sunday/Today:  Mother Nature has not been very nice in the past two weeks on the ONE day that I plan my distance runs.  Last week it was freezing, and today it’s overcast/humid/blustering winds.  I only managed to bust out 3 miles before calling it quits.  I thought it was much colder out (around 53) so I wore knee-high socks, yoga pants and a hoody.  I made it half a mile and was sweating my ass off.  Ditched the hoody (tied around my waist) but I kept getting caught up in my stupid yoga pants.  The bottoms are slightly flared but not a good combo when running.  So I made my one lap thorough my usualy neighboring streets and said forget it.  The humidity was rediculous-could hardly catch my breath, and my calves were so unbelievably tight.  So I came home to do some serious stretching and a Gaiam episode of core cross training yoga via Hulu Plus.   I feel much better having a good stretch out and I feel I will still be able to finish my half-marathon training reaching 11-12 miles next Sunday.  I was able to reach 10 miles a couple of weeks ago, so I am confident I can do it again plus 5K.

Then I again showered and got ready to head over to the field for today’s final game for the weekend.  The humidity went away halfway through the game and the wind picked up big time.  So I only lasted till the top of the 8th inning and said see ya!  They were losing pretty bad anyways (12-4) so I figured Carl won’t be too happy after the game anyways, so why suffer sitting in the cold any longer.

I’m now whipping together dinner for tonight with another of Carl’s faves but my first attempt at making them:  twice baked potatoes.  It’s a recipe I got off of so if it’s any good I will share.  We are also having baked chicken and sateed zuchinni and squash (my fave!) to go along with.  They lost their game today so I figured I can try to make up for it with a good dinner–I even stopped at Sonic earlier and got me and Carl a Route 44 Cherry Limeade to do with din-din! YUMM!!

And now here we are, another weekend FLOWN by; me trying to cram as much as I can into each day and still not getting everything accomplished.  I swear, everyday seems to go by faster and faster.  Just want a time out button like Zach Morris<–Saved By the Bell, anyone??


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