Still Strugglin’

With Sunday’s distance run being such a bust, I have yet to get back into the groove of training.  Tuesday called for 5 miles…didn’t happen.  Yesterday was another crazy busy day with work, so I did manage to fit in 2 circuit training videos via ToneItUp before I got started on dinner.  I don’t know if I’m dehydrated or what, buy my muscles just feel like they are so tight-like I can’t get them stretched out enough.  Today in class, when I was hoisting myself into my chair (which sits up a little higher, like a bar stool), I managed to strain? my right inner thigh a bit.  And I couldn’t just spread my legs and stretch it out-I was wearing a dress LoL.  So I stretched it out pretty good before and after my circuits last night and it’s feeling much better, but still a little tight and only noticeable when I go up stairs.

Today after work, I am still going to try for 5 miles-depending on how my inner thigh feels.  I think I am just so excited for my half-marathon and feel I am pretty prepared upon accomplishing 10 miles, that I just want to run 13.1 already!  Only have to wait until next weekend!! Eek!



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