Mother Nature is a real B#!@$

You would think with Carl out of town, I would have more take the time to blog more.  Not the case. 🙂

Saturday:  It was a beautiful day!  Sun shining, no clouds, temperature around 65.  But it was a 60 minute cross training day on the training plan, so I figure shopping totally counts, right?  Gotta burn calories trying on clothes/walking all over the stores!?!  I was on a mission:  The campus career fair (that MY office is putting on) is this Wednesday and the following Wednesday, we are also holding an Education Fair for interns in the Education department.  My dilemma: I only have one suit.  Which I also already wore to last year’s Education Fair, AND a few weeks ago when I had to give a presentation to visiting high school students and interview a handful of them applying for a leadership scholarship. (pictured here)Who knew you would need more than 1 suit??  I only bought this one upon finishing up my Master’s and it’s main purpose was for the interview process of job prospects.  This suit served it’s purpose and landed me that job…and now I need another one for the required work within that job.  So I hit up one of my FAVES:  T.J. Maxx!!  The pic on the right is the winner:  Calvin Klein two piece skirt suit.  The upper left pic is this amazing salad that I had at the Panera Bread right next to T.J. Maxx:  some sort of salmon salad–I forget the name now, but Google Panera’s menu(bc I’m too lazy to right now) and check it out.  I remember it had almond slices and feta cheese (2 of my ultimate favorite foods!) and a really good dressing.  Bottom left pic is just a pic I snapped because I love the feeling of warm sunshine on my face 🙂  The perfect end to an eventful day.  FYI:  I’m typically not the type to snap pics of myself in a dressing room, I just had to get a second opinion on this suit since I am new to this whole “suit wearing world,” so I emailed this to my momma asking if it was too Emily Gilmore?<–Gilmore Girls fans will know what I’m talking about 😉 Another of my faves.  She said no way, so this is was my purchase from the shopping trip.  Always helpful to get a second opinion when shopping.

Here a few items that I would have LOVED to add to my wardrobe, but just not in the budget right now.

Left and Upper right: Judith March dresses. Bottom left: Lilly Pulitzer Jacket.

Crimson and houndstooth?!? Yes please! I do live in the state of Alabama.  Typically, I’m not big on any Lilly clothes because I think her prints are little too hoity-toity and quite frankly nauseating, but this jacket (which is NOT zebra print) is navy (my fave) and white and one of the more subtle prints and I just thought it was cute and different from anything I would typically wear.  So I at least have these pics to dream about…

Onto Sunday/training:  I’m pretty sure Mother Nature hates me for some reason and is totally against me when it comes to allowing me to train for this upcoming half-marathon.  I set my alarm to 6:30 yesterday so I could go through the routine I will be doing this weekend in preparation.  I get up, have my planned breakfast of two slices of toast with peanut butter and a drizzle of honey with an orange and 4 GU chews to get me pumped, get dressed and all geared up and then I look outside–it’s ‘effing raining.  And only about 42 degrees.  FAIL.  I could handle running in the rain (it was only slightly raining, no down pour), but the temps made me say F that.  So I check The Weather Channel, and radar shows slight rain showers and should clear up by 11.  I decide to keep myself moving and busy around the house until then because I have 10 miles to knock out today.  Last one before the half.

I do a load of laundry.  I vacuum the entire house.  Still raining.  I mop the kitchen and bathrooms.  I do another load of laundry.  Still raining.  By this time, it’s 1:00 p.m. and I am losing patience.  Here I got up early and am burning energy, good running energy, and Mother Nature decides no, today is not going to go your way Miss Sarah.  Fine.  You win today Mother Nature, but I will kick this half-marathon’s ass next Sunday, rain or shine!  I iced my knees, shins, and rolled my muscles really well and applied Dollar General brand Muscle Relief cream to my lower back and laid on a heating pad for the remainder of the evening while viewing the Oscars.  I wasn’t able to run the planned 10 miles, but I have accomplished that milestone once already and my mind is telling me I am ready for this.  Granted, I may be over-estimating my readiness, but by this time next week, I will be able to call myself a half-marathoner.  Eek!

This one’s for you, Grammy!

(^Because my mom told me I was slacking on Lola pics!)


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