Sarah Plain and Tall

Yesterday morning, I was sitting at my kitchen table eating my breakfast of low fat yogurt waiting on my pot of coffee to finish brewing.  This is my typical routine post-shower each morning, but what was atypical was my flavor of yogurt.  (I LOVE yogurt and could seriously eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday!)  I had been blowing up the strawberry-banana, blueberry, and plain strawberry flavors of yogurt, but during my most recent trip to the Wal-Mart, I decided to throw in a pack of good ol’ vanilla.  Man, was I glad I did when that first spoonful hit my tongue.  Yumm!  But as I was savoring every bite, I began thinking, “Geez, how boring am I that my favorite flavor of yogurt is Vanilla?!?”  Even when I go to my favorite frozen yogurt bar, I usually just get vanilla and pile on the fruit toppings.  Don’t get me wrong, I love me some chocolate and strawberry froyo, but there is just nothing like vanilla to quench my sweet tooth.  Made me realize that maybe my third grade classmates were correct in referring to me as Sarah Plain and Tall<–I was sooo mad when we had to read this book in elementary school, because I was pretty tall and ordinary.  Something that I disliked about myself back then but two things I favor today 🙂

Today while chowing down on my cup of yogurt during breakfast (pretty happening time of the day for me apparently) two cardinals landed right outside my big kitchen window that my table sits in front of.  One was male and was female (males are bright red, females are more of a rusty brown-yes I know this useless tid-bit because I am from Kentucky and cardinals are the state bird) and they made me smile the way they were playing “chase” with one another.  I had never seen a cardinal since we had moved to Alabama back in August, so I took these two little love birds (ba-dum-ching!) this morning as a little sign from the universe to remind me of home.

Onto running…

Tuesday after work I ran my short 2 easy miles for the final week of my training plan for my half-marathon on Sunday.  I knew I only had to run 2, so I tried to push myself (even tho they were still easy miles) to up my pace a little bit.  It wasn’t as fast as I would have preferred, but they were faster than I typically run.


Yesterday was another rest day on the schedule.  Thank goodness because our office of Career Services held the Spring Career Fair for our university and it wore me out!  I had to be at work at 7am, which shouldn’t be a struggle for a normal person, but I am SO not a morning/normal person.  The fair went on until 1pm, then we had to clean up. Didn’t get to eat lunch till about 2pm and then we had further clean up of organizing everything we basically just cleaned up from the fair.  Come 5 o’clock and I was spent.  I did manage to throw together some home-made pizzas last night for dinner before crashing at 8pm.  Yes, I went to bed at 8 o’clock.

Today I’ve got another easy 2 miles after work planned and next is just the half on Sunday!  I am so pumped!

Tomorrow is hopefully going to be an easy day and go according to schedule:

-Work 8-11:30

-Office lunch outing 11:30-1:00 (celebrating a birthday)

-Staff meeting 2:00-3:00

-Pick up Lola from home and hit the road by 3:30! Tampa bound!

My sister is meeting me in Tampa and running the 5K race on Saturday.  So happy to have family support for my first half!  Meeting up to spend time with an old friend from college and hopefully meeting Meghann from MealsandMiles during the expo Saturday!  So much to fit into just weekend! Isn’t that how it always goes?!? Hoping to take plenty of pics to update with! Wish me luck!


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