Luck be a Lady

Yesterday while browsing Facebook at work (yes, I am a slacker at times), a page for a nearby local running shop I like had posted a status that read,

“First person to like this status will win a surprise!”

The time stamp for when their status was posted with 30 seconds ago or something like that, and so I read it again and just clicked ‘like.’  What the heck.  Everything’s better when it’s free, right? So I check back a couple hours later and they re-posted that myself and two others were the winners and could pick up our prizes anytime before 6.  Well, I live 50 miles away and didn’t get off work till 5.  I was going to wait until the weekend to drive and pick it up, but the weather is looking like it might be another wet one so I decided to go for it.

I arrived at the store with 5 minutes to spare 🙂 I told the lady that I was one of the people who won a prize on Facebook from earlier in the day and she asked me my name and photo ID.  Then she gave me a little goodie bag!

It wasn’t much, but like I said everything is always better when it’s free!  My bag consisted of some Indie Girl Hair Ties, 2 GU gels, and a pair of asics socks!  Not too shabby!

I had never heard of these hair ties before, so I Googled them to check them out.  As a runner, I can always use some more decent hair ties.  So I’m going to give these a shot this weekend during a local 5K I’m doing on Saturday.

Oh, I haven’t told you I’m running a 5K this weekend?  Apologies.

It’s a run to benefit the family of a local girl and her infant son who were killed last year in a car wreck.  All donations go to the family to help with bills that accumulated after her passing.  I didn’t know the girl personally, but co-workers have told me about her and her family and I would want people to help my family out if they were ever in a situation like that.

Plus it’s the perfect time for me to hit the road again and work out my soreness following my half.  I have been stretching every night and rolling my muscles with my stick<–this thing is amazing.  Wish I would have bought one 2 years ago.  It seriously delivers what it promises (provides relief for muscle pain and soreness, improves muscle strength, increases endurance and accelerates recovery time etc.).  Buy one.  They’re worth it.  Foam rollers are for wieners. The stick is where it’s at.

Back on topic: after I pick up my winnings, I mosey over to an Old Navy outlet nearby–I mean, I am already here.  Why not browse?  Didn’t find anything that I couldn’t live without.  Scoured the clearance rack and came out with one purchase-a cute yellow blouse for spring for only 8 bucks-yes, please!

T.J. Maxx just so happened to be next door, so like I said before-I am already here…I look around, browsing for things to wear to work and came out with an outfit under 30 bucks! I LOVE this top-how it’s sleeves are open without bearing too much skin.  I am so sick of wearing blouses with cardigans, and this top cuts out the cardi! My statement necklace is one that I purchased a couple of years ago from World Market–another fun fave shopping stop.  The pants are from The Limited AND (drum roll please….) they are a whole size smaller!  It may be because they are a different brand, and I have never worn Limited pants before, but I am attributing it to running! 😉

I also picked up this canvas from the home goods section for my office:I love inspirational pieces like this–perfect for a counselor’s decor!

Black toenail update: After I had it drained, it’s no longer black-it’s actually rather white and more fleshy looking than normal.  Not attached to skin underneath, so I guess that’s why. Still a little sore, but nothing that’s unbearable.  Just keeping it clean and protected.  Waiting for it to eventually fall off. *sniff, sniff*

FYI:  It’s International Women’s Day.  I might go punch a guy in the face (Carl) just because 😉


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