Spring Cleaning

I’m not sure what got into me yesterday evening, but I had the cleaning bug when I got home.  I guess it started immediately after work when I walked out to my car and was disgusted at how dirty it looked.  I drive a black car but it seriously looked yellow because it was coated in pollen. Seriously glad I don’t suffer from allergies because it must be terrible right now.  So I found an automated car wash, and for 8 bucks my car looks pretty damn good!  My wheels, which were coated in brake dust because I hadn’t washed them in probably a good year, are sparkling! Looks like I did some serious scrubbing!

When I got home and saw the hamper in the bedroom overflowing into the floor, I decided I needed to take action.  My laundry room is located outside of my house, but enclosed in a room and right beside the back door so it’s not a hassle.  Since it was absolutely gorgeous yesterday, I decided to go ahead and start a load.  Yes, I base my decision on whether or not to do laundry on the weather 🙂

Once I had that going, I came inside and decided to swap out my winter shoes for my spring shoes (flip flops!).  Since I had dug out one pair of flips the beginning of this week to wear to let my black toenail breathe, I decided to go ahead and switch my entire shoe selection.  So excited for spring!

Then, I unpacked my bag from Tampa and decided to try on my purchases from the health and fitness expo I bought on Saturday.

My first running skirt!

The pic on the left is what I bought there.  Both New Balance-the top was 14.99 and the running skirt was, are you ready for this…$9.99!  I kid you not and no, there is nothing wrong with it. It even has the little media pocket in the shorts underneath on the right thigh underneath the skirt! A new running ensemble for under 30 bucks?! Yes, please!

The shorts in the right pic are also New Balance, but I ordered them from HauteLook (discount website) for cheap after I ran my first 10 miler and my inner thighs decided to chafe. Once you get your first chafe, you NEVER want it to happen again.  I have yet to run in either of these purchases, but glad that I have them in addition to my running wardrobe.  Maybe break one of them in tomorrow for my 5K.

(Oh, and pardon the mess of clothes behind me in the pics above but that is in our guest room/Carl’s dresser so that is his mess.  I refuse to pick up after him. I cook, I clean the house, I wash/fold laundry. The least he can do is put dirties in the hamper and put away his clean laundry :))

Next on the list, I emptied the dishwasher of clean dishes (been clean for about a week and a half, oops!), transferred dirty dishes from sink to dishwasher, threw together baked spaghetti and while it was baking in the oven, decided to give Miss Lola a bath. Shew!  Needless to say, I hit the pillow hard by 9:30 last night and slept sound.

Baseball games are played home this weekend, so Carl will be staying here with us gals.  I have been finding all sorts of fun home projects via blogs I keep up with, and have been contemplating updating our bedding. But, I have yet to do my taxes for this season, so that should probably get done first.  Since they are calling for rain this weekend, I guess that will be a good time to work that in…boo!


One thought on “Spring Cleaning

  1. I love when I get on a spree like that. I’ve been on a laundry kick this week, which NEVER happens. I wouldn’t dread laundry half as much if we had a dryer…

    P.S. Saw the cute cup your sister got you on FB. I WANT!

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