Feelin’ the love

I arrived home to an abundance of surprises Friday after work!

First one being a package in the mailbox from my momma containing this:

No, not another Lola-look-alike–another cute sweater to add to my fur child’s wardrobe!  Lola loved it!  And yes, that’s a note in the floor written to Lola from my mom, aka “Grammy”

The next surprise was sitting on my front porch.  It scared me at first because I knew I hadn’t ordered anything recently and my brain began to panic. “Has someone stolen my identity? How much have they wracked up on my credit card?!–Wait, why would they ship stuff to my address??

Upon further inspection, it was from my sister so I knew it was okay to open 🙂  And this is what was inside!!  How awesome is that?! I immediately washed it out and filled it with my favorite beverage: H2O.  Been drinking from this beauty all weekend long.


Saturday was such a BEAUTIFUL day here.  I must admit, my alarm clock won the battle Saturday morning so I missed the 5K I was going to attend.  However, I could not stay indoors on such a gorgeous day.  So I geared up, slipped on my mizuno’s and was out the door for a 5K of my own.

Temperature was perfect: sunny, but not humid or high temps-just right as Goldie Locks would put it.  Having taken the week off to re-coop from my half, I was surprised at how good the first mile out felt.  My “dead toe” was noticeable, but not unbearable.  Kept a 8:24 pace too! What’s happening?! I am not a fast runner, and 8:24 is fast for me.  Then came the first hill-damn you, Alabama. I made it up and over but wasn’t easy.  The flat-fast course of Florida was so much nicer 😦  So I run another half mile and my left knee starts aching where it was before the half.  I decide not to ignore it and overdo it, possibly injuring myself so I decide to walk for a bit and just enjoy this day.  End up walking for another half a mile and finish up running the last 1.1 mile, for a total of 3.1 miles + walk home = 3.95 miles. Overall, an okay run-or ralk/wun 🙂

It was SO nice out, I decided to take Lola out in the front yard to enjoy the weather as well.  I just sat on the front porch soaking up some rays (actually had a tan line!) while she roamed around the yard.  So nice to get out in weather like that and just relax.  Much needed and looking forward to the next! I came in and did a Tone It Up ab circuit before calling it a day.  Sunday the weather wasn’t as great and with the hour lost due to “Springing Forward,” I was a little slow to get moving.  Lola wasn’t helping motivate me either.

Little black nose

Once I had two cups of coffee in me however, it was time to get moving.  The cleaning bug struck once again.  I cleaned up the office a bit-especially the desk.  Trying to do my own taxes this past week, my desk was covered in papers galore.  I also attempted to straighten up/organize the guest room/home gym a bit.  I was just set in the de-clutter mode for some reason.  Reading all these amazing home decorating/projects blogs I keep up with have got my brain running with some ideas for updating the ol’ homestead.  Seven months moved in and still an empty bedroom and stuff in boxes is totally normal, right??

Hoping to get a run or some type of workout in this evening-especially since we get that extra hour of daylight!


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