Isn’t 24 too old for breakouts?!?

Lately my skin has been sucking.  Big time.  Not really sure why either.  It’s spring break here on campus, so I don’t feel like I am stressed.  I haven’t been going crazy with sugar or sweets.  I use Neutrogena face makeup, and I religiously wash my face; morning and night.  Yesterday, I noticed one of my pores (right in the crease formed when I smile due to my chubby cheeks) was the size of a mini wading pool and was major clogged.  Yuck.

I can never keep straight on what you’re suppose to pop/pick or not.  But I could not ignore the hole-of-dirt on my face any longer.  (It’s like when you lose your baby teeth and your tongue keeps automatically going right to that empty space where a tooth once was).  So I put some major effort into getting that sucker out of my pore and finally succeeded.  Not without losing my top layer of skin, though.  It looked and felt like I had a burn around the pore once I was done.  Whoops!

Upon further inspection of my face, I decided my nose looks rather porous, so I slap on a Biore pore strip and rip those blackheads right outta there.  Ow!  Why do I not remember those things hurting so bad?  I went to bed feeling like my nose and cheek were raw.  The excavation work on my face didn’t look as bad this morning as I was fearing, but still noticeable.  I’m 24 years old-when do breakouts stop?!Image

I was looking online at a few different cosmetic suppliers checking out some BB creams.  I’m a pretty big skeptic when it comes to makeup actually making me look better and it  delivering on it’s promises.  But my skin just sucks lately.  I guess I am in this transition period between young/adult/adulthood and needing to up my skin care routine.  I just hate to splurge so much on makeup!  Why is that crap so expensive?!  I am one of those people who believes no matter what you pay for it, it’s just makeup–ain’t gonna make you look no prettier<–there’s them KY roots for ya’. And if you seriously think it will, then you’re pretty vain, sweetheart.  All this goes through my mind when I look at overpriced makeup and talk myself out of trying any of it.  Guess my mental health field background is to blame.  Getting a bit too insightful over makeup. Hah!  Oh well.  This is me, and this is how I process things.

The “higher” brand names range from 30-50 bucks=I don’t think so.  Especially since I’ve never tried it before.  But I did find the Garnier brand at the local Wal-Mart for $11.97.  Is it sad that I consider $12 high for makeup?  Guess I never really bought a lot of makeup.  Just the basics: powder, blush, shadow, mascara. And I consider chap-stick equal to lipstick.  🙂  Sad, I know.


So I think I may give this a try over the weekend.  We’ll see.

I am also debating on going down to Mobile, AL for the weekend since Carl and the baseball team will be visiting there.  I have tomorrow off from work too since it’s spring break and I’ve been doing my research (via Google) and there seems to be a lot of fun stuff to check out down there.  I mean, it’s a half hour to Gulf Shores Beach, there’s a Tanger outlet AND an Old Time Pottery?!? I about hopped in the car when I found out those tidbits of info.  But it just comes down to whether or not to splurge…why am I so indecisive lately? Lol

Thinking I need to be more spontaneous.  You’re only young once, right?

Any cool spontaneous moment stories to share for inspiration?

Thoughts on makeup/BB creams??

hi mom!

These are for my mom-she said she was missing my smiling face lol.  So she gets pics of me smiling like a 4 year old.  *Note to self: don’t wave at people. I look creepy.


4 thoughts on “Isn’t 24 too old for breakouts?!?

  1. You do NOT look creepy!! And I also must say you are stressing over the pimple! You look great in these pics!!
    Love and miss you and Lola ~ thanks for thinking of me!! Love ya forever!!

  2. LOVE my BB cream. I haven’t heard anything about the Garnier one, but check up on the reviews on I look there before buying any kind of makeup.

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