Spring Break (weekend edition)

This past weekend, I decided to not be an old hag and stay home during my Friday off from work for spring break and drive down to Mobile, AL where Carl and the baseball team were.  I got up around 8 Friday morning and hit the road around 9.  It’s a decent drive-only about 2 hrs. 45 min.  Rather pretty too.  I came upon this beauty about 30 miles out from Mobile.

I don’t know what it is about bridges, but I think some of them are pure works of art.  They scare the crap out of me-I’m afraid they will tumble down (maybe it was the ‘London bridge’ song as a kid?) while I am halfway across but they still intrigue me so I snapped this quick pic.

Once I arrived in Mobile, I swooped up Carl from their swanky dig of a motel (sarcasm) and it was lunch time.  We hit up a nearby Red Lobster-I voted Panera, but Carl referred to it as hippie food, so Red Lobster it was.  I just had clam chowder and a salad.  Nothin’ fancy.

We headed downtown next because it was too gorgeous of a day to be anywhere else except outdoors.  The “main drag” I guess you could call it was really cute.  LOTS of little restaurants with outdoor seating and specialty shops lining the street.  Since we had already eaten, we decided coffee sounded like a good compromise for dessert.  

This place was really cute.  Had lots to choose from on their menu-food and coffee-but as soon as I saw the gelatto freezer, I was sold.  I got a small cup of Creme de Menthe a.k.a. Mint Chocolate Chip.  Delish!  Lola enjoyed cleaning my cup afterwards 🙂

Then it was time to drop Carl off for the game.  They lost.  We ordered a pizza.  Bedtime.

Saturday we awoke to another beautiful day and I was antsy to go out and enjoy it. I love driving around a new place, discovering the sights as you go.  I decided to drive down to a nearby island only about 30-40 miles south.  It was such a BEAUTIFUL drive!

Another bridge up ahead.  Can ya see it? It’s insanely tall so boats can pass underneath!

The incline on this sucker was huge-I kept thinking what a bitch it would be to run up. It almost felt like the part of a roller coaster, creeping up the huge hill, knowing the steep drop is coming up any second.  I mean, we were even with the power lines.

And then, the decent!

The island was really cute.  Small-town vibe for sure.  Only has around 1200 residents.  I was seriously dreaming of retirement.

Lola was happy to be at the beach, too!

Seriously happy.

Couldn’t you  just melt?

Of course you have to top off St. Patty’s day with a green beer at Hooter’s, right?

I enjoyed my Saturday beach time so much….

I went back Sunday afternoon!

People umbrella doubles as Puppy beach umbrella 🙂

But then it was time for tanning!

Lola and I stayed for about two hours then packed things up to head back inland.  It was so nice out too.  Perfect temps for beachin’ it.  Lola never even started panting!  I only called it quits because I knew I was pretty pasty and SPF 15 wouldn’t protect me from the southern sun for too long.  We snagged Carl on our way outta town after the game was over and we were on our way home.  Sad to leave, but had beautiful (have I overused this word yet?) traveling weather for sure.  We got home in time for me to unpack, shower and then bathe Lola before settling into the couch for the season finale of The Walking Dead.  

If you haven’t seen this show-you’re living under a rock-but check it out.  Right now.  The first season is on Netflix.  Watched it, yet?  Go ahead.  I’ll wait….ISN’T IT AWESOME?!? Season two was even better than the first, although I’m a little confused as to the new “hooded chick” character that was introduced in the last 5 minutes of the finale.  I really liked this show because it was fairly relate-able (aside from the whole zombie apocalypse, right?) but if it goes all sci-fi, magic lady yielding huge killing sword who can control zombies, I’m gonna be sad.  I know this series is based on a comic book, but c’mon.  You cannot lure us in for two seasons and then go all comic-con/werido on us.  But who am I to judge.  I also am a True Blood addict 🙂

So today was back to reality 😦  However, I was surprised with this package near the 4 o’clock hour.  Just the pick me up I needed!

My mom sent this little surprise care package for me (and Lola!).  She knows me so well.  Three of my faves.  (Honestly, I think she was hoping to make the blog.)


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