Holy busy!

Man, what a welcome back from spring break!  Last week was non-stop in my office!  Thinking it has something to with it being the last week to drop a course without academic penalty.  Oh, the procrastination. I remember those days.  But I have grown a rather thick skin when it comes to all the sob stories and excuses I hear from students.  Most of the time, when I hear them go on and on about “how difficult their life is as a college student” I just wanna be like,

You have to actually study for an exam?!? GASP!  Your professor assigned you to do a research paper within three weeks!?!? How dare they!

Get over it.  I’m all about having fun, but get your shit done first.  Not that difficult to figure out.

Onto other things…

Carl was out of town this weekend so it was a complete girls weekend (me+Lola).  Friday around the 4:55 time slot, I online ordered a Domino’s thin crust pepperoni pizza.  Since it would be about 15 minutes until it was ready, after leaving work I stopped by the local Piggly-Wiggly for a few necessities to get me through the weekend.  2 Lean Cuisines and a bottle of red wine are necessities, right?  Thought so.  Really honing in on what my life would consist of as a bachelorette, huh? After such a busy week I had I really didn’t feel like cooking-especially just for one.

Saturday was my “serious spring cleaning” overhaul on the house.

  • The usual vacuuming but moving all the furniture to vacuum underneath and behind
  • Removing the four burners on the stove the deep clean the little thingys underneath
  • Cleaning out both the fridge and freezer
  • Scrubbing out the microwave
  • Sanitizing the bathrooms (top to bottom)
  • Mopping the floors throughout the ENTIRE house with my AWESOME Shark Steamer-Mop
  • Laundry (about 5 loads)

After the house work was finished, I took Lola outside with me to enjoy the rest of the beautiful day.  I set up camp in the back yard in a beach chair to read a bargain book I picked up at Big Lots in Mobile for $3–and to work on my tan, of course.

Sunday started off on a bad note with a splitting headache and backache from overdoing it cleaning the previous day, but I couldn’t allow myself to mope in bed all day with such beautiful weather outside.  So I went for a drive to a nearby town for some shopping.  Didn’t buy much, but getting out and browsing was just as fun.  Just the treat I needed for my cleaning efforts this weekend.


Lola was really interested in my makeup bag yesterday afternoon so I gave her a lesson in blush application 🙂

Today is another gorgeous day here in L.A. (Lower Alabama 😉 I’m so clever) and I am determined to get back to running this evening.  3 easy miles is what I am aiming for.  I signed up for the Drop 10 Challenge via Tone it Up, but I mainly signed up for the awesome workouts and any eating tips they offer.  They give you a whole meal plan to follow and even offer a printable grocery list, but most of the foods are weird and I don’t have the budget to hit up the grocery for an overhaul on groceries so I’m just trying to eat healthy and get in at least 4-5 workouts a week.  I’m a size smaller than I was this time last year so I’m happy with that.  Wasn’t strutting my stuff at the beach a few weeks ago in a bikini, but I’m okay with having room for improvement.  I think we should constantly be working on improving ourselves-outside and inside.

Happy Monday!


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