Soakin’ up the sun

Mother Nature won the fight Saturday morning. 😦  Thunderstorms started out strong around 6 AM (promptly after my alarm went off) and they didn’t settle down until around noon.  I was happy that the coordinators of the race were on top of things and posted they were going to postpone the race until April 14th rather quickly.  Glad I wasn’t out of bed yet, dressed and ready to roll.  So Carl, Lola & I went back to bed for a few hours.  We woke up starving and hit up a local breakfast buffet to get good and stuffed before falling back into bed for the afternoon.  Carl had to head out around 2:30ish for the baseball field.  Saturday’s night game was being broadcast on television, so guess where Lola & I watched the game from?!?  Yep, BED.  We hardly left the bed all day.  And I LOVED it. 🙂

Sunday was beautiful–completely made up for Saturday’s storms. I started  the day off at the ballfield, gettin’ my tan on fo’ sho’.

Church of Baseball

But it turned out to be FAR too hott out to handle more than an hour.  Sitting on aluminum stands probably added a little risk factor for the skeen-cancer too, so I hit up Sonic Drive-In for a half-price Rt.44 cherry limeade before returning home.  Where I re-applied some more SPF and slapped on a bikini to lay out in the backyard with my gurl

Topped the night off with some spaghetti, a glass of wine, and some Mad Men on AMC.  Ahhhh….heavenly.

Today was another scorcher, so I dressed appropriately: Blue & White–in support of tonight’s game for Carl’s team (UK, not KU)

Excuse the wrinkles, took this at 4:30PM

The game is currently going on right now–Carl is watching in the living room, I’m blogging in the bedroom watching Bethenny Ever After.  Oh, the joys of co-habitation 🙂

No running this weekend, but got the alarm clock set to get up with Carl at 5AM to get a quick 3 miles in before work.

Everyone please say a special little prayer for my momma’s fur child, Candy, A.K.A: “Pook”  She went to the vet today for her annual vaccinations when the vet found a small tumor on her chest.  She is 13 years old (upcoming 14th bday in May!) and is no stranger to the vet’s office–having faced a slew of health issues already throughout her spoiled 13 years (and currently experiencing spinal pain/arthritus), but has always fought her way through them to reclaim her thrown on the recliner.  Pook is scheduled for surgery to remove the tumor this Friday, and once removed, they will then run tests to determine if it is cancerous and require further treatment.  Pookie was my first fur-child that I BEGGED my parents relentlessly for years to get me.  I was only ten years old when they gave her to me, so my mom took on most of the caring for Pook.  Once I moved away to college, she became “Grammy’s” gal and has been by her side ever since.  I know she will pull through just fine like she always does, but a little extra help with prayers would be greatly appreciated.  They are afterall, members of the family too.

Here’s lookin’ at you

I mean, we taught her to wink on cue.  How cute is that?

Just kidding, but she’s not big into pictures of herself.

She’d rather nap 🙂

There’s that wink again!


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