Fish Tacos

So I have been slacking on the running lately–didn’t make the 5AM wakeup call the other morning–trying for round 2 tomorrow 🙂  On a better note, I might be attempting my first trail run 5K this Saturday.  I’ve never wanted to attempt a trail run previously because I’m not big on “off road” terrain.  Worried I’m going to twist my ankle or something.  But the proceeds from this weekend’s race benefit the local humane society-so of course, it’s a must!

Just a few things that are rocking my world right now:

Carrot cupcake from Starbucks = delish.  What can make enjoying this baby even better?

Carrot cupcake and my Nook Color 🙂

Fresh flowers: Daisies and yellow tulips to bring some life to the dinner table.

I was scoping out some recipes via allrecipes and came across this awesome how-to-video for Baja Fish Tacos

Zucchini and squash

Dinner is served!

Even Carl was impressed! This will definitely be a repeat.

Super easy and so good!


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