Speed work Saturday

Today is BEAUTIFUL!  Perfect weather for a jaunt outdoors, so I enjoyed my morning lounging in bed with the little gal, but before too long, I was aching to get out the door.  But first, Lola wanted some outside time too.That’s the little neighbor pomerainean, Benji.  They like to give nose-kisses through the fence to each other 🙂 Puppy love.

I wasn’t really feeling like a distance run today (no more than 3 miles) so I decided to hit up the university track to make another attempt at my speed work.  This track is surrounding the university soccer field.  It’s so weird how certain smells can trigger memories–about half way around my first lap, I got a whiff of “soccer field” and it brought back so many memories from when I played during my high school years.  That ball of nervous energy in the pit of my belly  kicked a little with the thought of hearing a whistle blowing to begin a game; imagining myself with the ball at my feet, about to go up agains an opposing player; the thrill of scoring a goal.  Ah, the good ol’ days.  It was a good start to a not so good workout.

I was attempting the HIIT workout of moderate pace for 3 minutes, spring for 1 minute; repeat 6 times.  Sadly, I only made it 4 times and called it quits.  I took a brisk walk around campus to make it an even 3 miles before heading home.  I just don’t do track workouts or speed workouts.  After looking over my data from my Garmin upon returning home, my heartrate (BPM) was higher when I was just running at a moderate pace in the beginning than it is when I sprinted–is that even physically possible?!? Do I need to be studied?  Whatever.  This helped bring me to the conclusion that I am just going to stick with what I know; running.Running for me, for mind clarity, for satisfaction in general.  Sure, we would all like to be the best at everything we attempt, but I think I’m perfectly happy with what’s my best-for me.

And now, since the UV index is a 9 today, I am lathering on the SPF and heading out to the back yard to get my tan on.  Sunshine makes me happy!

**POOKIE UPDATE:  My mom’s fur child, Pookie, went in for surgery yesterday morning to have the tumor on her chest removed.  The surgery went well, and Mom gave me the report that she was perky and acting like herself when she went to pick her up yesterday evening from the vet’s office.  They had to send the tumor off for further tests and won’t know anything further for a few weeks.  Pook will continue to recoop with my momma’s loving care (poor thing) and keep our prayers going that the tumor is just that and nothing more.  Please keep her and my family in your thoughts and prayers–Pookie was afterall, my mom and dad’s first “grand fur-baby!”


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