Oh, hey!

Where do I begin?  I have been neglectful of my postings over the past couple of weeks—some due to laziness, some due to keeping busy—but I’d say it’s a 50/50 break down between the two.  When my mom texts me asking if I’m okay because I haven’t posted in so long, I take that as it’s time for an update!

First things first:  Pookie (my mom’s Chihuahua) is healing.  The biopsy from her growth removal came back negative and doesn’t require any further treatment!  However, a day or so before her surgery for removing the growth, Pook somehow jarred/injured her spine L  She is 14 years old after all (98 in dog years!) She hooves up her back really awkwardly and shows difficulty moving and getting comfortable.  The vet my mom takes her to suggested she was the perfect candidate for their new “laser therapy” treatments.  “Laser therapy” is a non-invasive, pain-free, surgery-free, drug-free treatment for arthritis, inflammation & pain—I thought it sounded crazy, but we’d do anything for our animals!  Four treatments later however, and Pook is no better.  My mom is giving her a combo of pain meds to help alleviate her discomfort, and she has her good days.  But she has her bad days too, so please continue to keep Pookie in your prayers.  She was my first fur child & became my mom’s when I went off to college so she is the reigning pup amongst our brood of doggies.

The week after my last post my older sister came to visit for a few days, so that was one occurrence in the past month that kept me busy!  We had some fun times together down here in Bama.  One of them being viewing the world’s smallest city block—yes, there is such a thing.  Google Dothan, Alabama….also known as the peanut capital of the world.  Oh yes, over half of all peanuts in the United States are grown in Dothan, AL.  True story.  Dothan is so proud of this fact that sporadically strewn throughout the town are 5 foot-tall, fiberglass peanut sculptures of many different varieties; 50 total.  The big sis & I immediately had to track down as many as we could & snap hilarious, awkward photos with each one.  Enjoy our stupidity:

The original reason for visiting Dothan to begin with was not to view fiberglass peanuts, we were actually productive & ran a local 5K that was so small, we each were awarded first place in our age groups.  I know you’re wondering “How does someone who runs a 28-minute 5K win first place?” but don’t laugh—it was a PR for me.  Fastest 5K, finishing in 28:34.  I was pleased with that, especially since I had only run maybe a handful of times since my half back in March. *Maybe it was the ProCompression socks??

The following weekend (third weekend of April) Troy’s baseball team was playing mine & Carl’s Alma Mater up in western Kentucky so I of course, had to go along!  I had such a blast!  It was like a college reunion weekend.  My mom & dad even came for the weekend to visit.  It was fun to see how much the ol’ college campus has grown and how much I truly cherish my “college days.”  So many memories and fun times I shared with such fun & wonderful people.  Wouldn’t change a thing!  Takes me back! 

Jaclyn & myself.  We’re the goofy ones, if ya can’t tell…Why yes, that IS the running man…

I also enjoyed getting to spend some one-on-one time with my folks.  When you’re the middle child of three kids, you learn to share (or sometimes not) pretty quickly, so you don’t get too much “alone time” with your parents—not that alone time with your parents is something you want /enjoy growing up.  If you were ever alone with your parents as a teenager, it probably wasn’t by choice or for enjoyment & was most often followed by a sentence punishment of some sort 😉  But come adulthood & you move away from your parents & you learn you cherish those moments you get to spend with your parents by yourself!

This past weekend (last weekend of April) a co-worker & I left Thursday afternoon headed up to Huntsville to attend an academic advising conference.  She is the same age as my sister so we got along great & had a fun trip—even if it was technically “working!”  The conference was all day Friday, so we got back home around 8 on Friday night.  Just in time for my fave show on television—SUPERNATURAL!!  Barely made it through watching however & I was out for the night.  Saturday & Sunday were brutally hot here, so I did the weekly chore of cleaning house & loads laundry (ugh) to stay indoors & keep from having a heat stroke. Then this happened:Oh yeah! Runner’s feet for sure 😦

I hate how my body nowadays lets me know the next day when I overdo it a bit.  Waking up Sunday morning, my back was not happy with my cleaning spree the day before.  I took the hint & enjoyed my Sunday in bed with my lil’ gal.  I mean, could you not cuddle with this little face all day? 

Didn’t think so.  Seriously did not get outta bed until 4 that afternoon to head out for more fun grown up stuff:  Wal-Mart grocery trip! (sarcasm) It’s little crap like this that reminds me I hate being a grown up.


And now we are caught up!  Shew.  Not gonna lie, wore me out a little bit.  Guess I better get back in shape since I will be running the NYC Marathon in 6 months!!! Didn’t think I would make it through a whole post & not mention that, did ya?  No way! I’ma be blowing that shit up until race day—hell, probably even forever after race day because I will have ran the NYC Marathon bitches! J  Sorry, I get a little over excited when it comes to this topic of discussion.  I have only dreamt of running the NYC marathon for years now, so when I found out that I was accepted—there are no words.  (Actually there are, but I’m saving it for a whole other post since this one was so long!) 

Have a great week!


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