On a serious note…

You know those life altering moments that send a shiver down your spine and leave you asking the simple & yet so complex question of “Why?”  I was hit with one of those moments yesterday afternoon.

I had kept seeing many of my old high school friends profile pictures on Facebook being changed to a picture of themselves with this one particular guy we all are friends with.  Jordan was accepted to the Naval Academy after high school & upon graduation, was accepted to pilot training; he earned his pilot’s wings last April.  Not only did he earn success in the military, but was a superb athlete throughout high school.  Standing out on the soccer field and the track—both sports of which I also participated on the women’s team.  Jordan & I not only shared many classes during our high school career together but also outside of the classroom when our teams would travel and practice together.  He has one of those infectious smiles and such a kind heart.  He was one of those people that got along with everybody in high school & never had anything bad to say about anyone. Vise versa, no one could say anything cross of Jordan either.

Sunday morning, while simply walking along a street in Jacksonville, Florida, Jordan was struck by a car.  I’m not positive yet on whether he was crossing at a cross walk & the driver of the car struck him or if the vehicle veered off the road onto the sidewalk.  The outcome was grim.  Jordan was pronounced as brain dead and being kept alive via life support for the next few days.  His family decided to take him off life support yesterday morning around 8a.m.

As I was hit with this terrible news, I sit here in my office fighting the tears filling my eyes and reflect on what a truly wonderful person Jordan was and can’t help but wonder why?  Why does it always seem like the handful of honestly good people we are blessed to know get tragically taken away from us?  Friends and/or family members who achieve such greatness during their time spent on earth and who seem capable of anything—until their time is cut short and we will never know what all they could have attained.

Is it awful to wonder if God makes mistakes?  When we are left pondering why such a kind & loving person is suddenly taken away, I can’t help but be angry & hurt and ask God, why?  With all the people in the world, why this particular person?  I think upon the familiar axioms of “Better to have loved & lost than to have never loved at all,” and “They were one of God’s angels, just visiting, & He called him back home,” but this still does not help answer the daunting question of why?

I suppose it’s one of the processes of grief, but I am genuinely saddened by the loss of my friend.  A son, brother, cousin, athlete, pilot, & friend to many.  You will sincerely be missed, Jordan.  I hope to attain half as much as you were able to in your brief 25 years.  Thank you for your friendship.


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