Mo’ money Mo’ problems…yeah, right

So, hotels in NYC are CUH-RAZY expensive.  Seriously going to cost me a month’s rent for three nights (hotel only–air fare yet to be calculated into that number).  But running the NYC marathon is on my bucket list & I ain’t gettin’ no younger.  Might as well be ignorant with money while I’m young & immature, right?  Especially in an economy like today’s.  Totally smart…oh well!

Here’s a few things from my week:


Tried out some gold accessories–something I have very little of.  Gold (or what I refer to as “gold”) has never agreed with my skin for some reason.  Always leaves green rings around my fingers or marks on my skin, so I’ve always been a wearer of silver jewelry, but gold accessories are really trending right now so I thought I’d give it a shot.


Think I’ve got enough beverages for today?? Just keeping caffeinated/hydrated!


Loving pops of color in my wardrobe.

And my work found a way for me to dread Fridays…Image

Giving all employees matching embroidered polos…yeah.



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